Friday, October 14, 2011

Some serious "awwwww" factor

Awww, look! Ruthie had her puppies!

Ruthie is my dog Lydia's mom. It's always fun when she has another litter of puppies because it means the girls and I can go visit and indulge in some puppy love.

There are eight puppies: five girls and three boys. All the boys have sold, so there are some girls left.

If anyone has a hankering for a dog as magnificent as Lydia, these are the folks to talk to!

(They also have a four-wheel-drive Suburban with a brand-new transmission for sale, if anyone is interested....)


  1. Boy, it's a busy night here tonight. What a snuggly, cozy pile of puppy cuteness. And Ruthie is such a good mommy-doggie. Look how proud she is.

    Just Me

  2. Awwww! Makes me wish Chinook wasn't fixed :-( If I lived closer I'd be seriously considering one of these little cuties--I just love my Pyrs.

  3. If I were in the market I'd take the little cutie who's letting everyone sleep all over her cause that's just my kind of dog!

  4. Awwww, who wouldn't want a dog like Lydia!! We could never breed dogs around our house I wouldn't be able to give them up!!

  5. awww! too bad it's on the wrong coast for me!

  6. Cute!! And such sweet little faces.