Monday, October 24, 2011

Eww yuck....

A reader, knowing how much I like to poke fun at fashion, sent me this photo. She wrote, "In my opinion some things should NEVER be crocheted and this is one of them."

I couldn't agree more.

Though I will admit, someone is clever with her yarn.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm laughing my toosh off! UGLY!

  2. After my initial Ewww, yuck, I wondered how willingly that guy modeled those shorts and if he ever wore them again. lol


  3. oh. my. goodness!! I just snorted milk out my nose, that is too funny.

  4. I think Papa Bear would go "nekid" in the woods before he would wear those things!

  5. I LOVE to knit! But I could never bring myself to use such and ugly color and make such ugly shorts...especially for a MAN!

  6. Oh man, I am going to have to show this to my knitting group tonight. It brings to mind the old adage....Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

  7. Isn't your full size M1911 in a tuckable IWB holster going to show with those?



  8. Guess it depends on what decade it was. 70's? Possible. Now? Are you kidding me?

  9. Hmmm, maybe a little longer and in a nice tan or olive drab with cargo pockets. Nah!

  10. And what IF?
    What if we have a collapse that ends the distribution
    of sheet produced cotton and synthetic textiles to the US?

    We've lost >95% of this capability to overseas producers.

    Many of the companies sold all their machinery to those other producing countries as well.

    What if the only methods left to clothiers, resort back to home carding and spinning and you having to make your own clothing again?
    Can you do this?

    Do you have bolts of fabric, patterns, and thread stored
    with a treadle sewing machine?

    Adam and Eve used fig leaves. That surely won't keep us
    warm in the hard winters in the north.

    Learning how to Tan and pound animal skins for softness, hand sewing the skins into clothing, could be a very valuable lesson to learn and practice now. Do you have am awl and the natural resource materials to accomplish this for yourself?

    Same for knitting, crocheting and weaving. we think of these today as ART. They can be. But, they are all means of making practical clothing.

    Patrice, thanks for posting this picture.
    Get used to this "look". You just may be seeing it a whole lot more in the future.

    Madison avenue "Fashion" will become obsolete during a Depression.

    It's time to stop jesting at the old world skills used to make coverings for our bodies, when it comes to clothing.

    The most important concern is that man will conserve his body warmth instead of his body expending valuable caloric energy in attempts to preserve it's core body temperature, and also to keep his body protectively covered.


  11. O M freakin' G

    Let no small children or animals ever be frightened by this unfortunate sight.

    A. McSp

  12. Wow. I mean... yikes! That's just wrong, on so many levels!

    Notutopia - you are right, unfortunate sights like this could become common in the future, and more people should have the ability to produce clothing from yarn, than do now.

    They weren't jesting at the skills, only at this instance of their application.

    It isn't a necessity yet, thank goodness...

  13. Please allow me to be different, I think he wears them well! I've seen a lot worse!

    Nice work of whoever made them!

  14. Where can you buy them at for Halloween?

  15. Can these be bought somewhere for Halloween?

  16. well, we're looking for the pattern as we have someone that would wear these and want to make them for him!! Seriously!!

  17. how can I get the pattern instructions???

  18. I'm actually trying to look for a pattern for these to make as a gag gift. I have someone willing to wear them.

  19. I am trying to find the crochet pattern for these shorts with no luck. Does anyone have the patter or know where I can either purchase it or get it free online? Thank you, Vicki