Friday, October 7, 2011

During a TEN MINUTE power outtage?

Here's an interesting little tidbit from SurvivalBlog. It seems a fellow stopped at a grocery store on the way home for a few items, and just as he was checking out, the power went out.

Read what happened here.

I'm not sure whether to be amused or horrified...


  1. Sorry - I believe nothing I read on SurvivalBlog as I suspect most of it is written by just a few people, they don't allow you to comment on posts which is also suspect. I have gleaned some good ideas from that blog but overall the content is just not believable. The blog's primary purpose is to generate money for the writer and his sponsors, if you think otherwise I think you are niave.

    And I don't think the event described happened. Stores have procedures in place to take money when the power it out (they really do) and people don't react as shockingly rude as quickly as described. If the store was unable to take anyone's money at checkout don't you think they would have announced this when they told their shoppers why the power was out? Why do I think this? I have been in situations where the power has gone out at a grocery store.

    Come on, SurvivalBlog sells fear and fear drives his business (and if you don't understand the business of blogs and advertisers you need to do some research folks).

    - Not niave but prepared

  2. It amazes me how unprepared some people are to take care of themselves! All of this commotion during a 10 minute blackout in a small area?! The lack of common sense amazes me as well. Like the writer said, there were other stores unaffected by the outage. Good grief!

  3. I'm not so sure how believable this is either. You would expect for people to get irritated and act like jerks at being inconvenienced, but if they could just ride down the road a little ways to another store to get their groceries, why should they panic?

  4. I don't believe this story either. I've been in grocery stores a couple of times when the power was out, once just a couple of weeks ago. Everyone went about their business, no one panicked, etc. This story sounds very far-fetched to me.

  5. I've seen both sides - I think it depends on where in the country you live. While I can't jump into the mind of the writer, perhaps "panicked" was not so much the right word as "didn't have a clue what to do next".

  6. I worked in a convenience store for two years; believe me, when the power goes out the scenario is just as described. The cash registers are the last to come back because they have to go through a whole rebooting sequence that can take up to 15 minutes. Customers do get cranky! My manager would take cash, write down what was sold and enter it later. Cards simply couldn't be used. I always make the comment "What did we do before computers!?"

  7. Oh, one more thing. I did get into a shouting match one afternoon with a woman who demanded "pebble ice" for her daughter who was ill. The ice machine wasn't working properly, I had a line out the door, it was summer, hot and miserable. She accused me of deliberately making her daughter suffer! She was one of the most rude persons I encountered in my two years at the store. She was in a complete panic about ICE. And when I suggested she go somewhere else she said she was going to get me fired.
    People are nuts.