Friday, October 7, 2011


This evening when I stepped outside to check the livestock water tank, I noticed a faint glow of color on the underside of the clouds in the west. "Gonna be a pretty one," I muttered, and went for the camera.

Here is the evolution of an unbelievable sunset, photos taken at about five minute intervals.

Starting to fade...

During its peak the sky was so brilliant it lit up many other clouds as well.

Even due east, the sky was lit as if with dawn.

Don and I have been working very, very long hours during this, the last week of our busy season. But sometimes God gives us a good reason to pause and watch the sunset.


  1. you have the most remarkable sunsets that i have ever had the pleasure of seeing. thankyou!

  2. My kitchen window faces due east and sometimes in the evening, I know to run outside and look west just by what's shining through that window.

    The ones that fill the whole sky just take your breath away. Thanks for sharing.

    Just Me

  3. Wow, Patrice, that was very special and beautiful. Our God is an awesome God! Thanks for sharing those with us.

  4. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous! Thank you for posting those pics.

    Xa Lynn

  5. Awwwww...last sentence is my's so simple and yet so profound.
    -K in OK <><

  6. I have been noticing that our sunsets have been spectacular, I figured it was all the dust and smoke in the air from harvest and fall work. I love looking at the skies.

    Oh, I've been meaning to tell you that I love your new fall pic at the top of your blog-it looks just like our place!

  7. I try to remind my kids that the sunset is God's gift to us after a long day.
    Andrea S

  8. To heck with Monet, God is a better artist. Such wonders he gives us!

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing theses pictures!