Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rough week

It seems sadness and tragedy are striking left and right this week.

My daughter's elderly piano teacher lost her adopted daughter a week ago -- just keeled over from a heart attack. This adult daughter had been estranged from the family for many years, and now there will never be a chance to mend fences.

A beloved cashier at a local grocery store died in her sleep. Her cash register was covered with flowers and notes.

A friend who owns a small apartment complex had a much-loved older tenant die of cancer this week.

Several friends reported friends with losses.

Our barn cat, JJ, died yesterday -- possibly of old age. She was a feisty old feral scrapper who adopted us. At least we gave her some security in the last years of her life.

And to our shock and devastation, a dear neighbor's wife went in last Tuesday for routine surgery to correct a partial blockage in her carotid artery, and developed some post-surgical complications that resulted in a stroke. They're still assessing the extent of the damage, but the left side of her body is not doing well. It has affected her sight, speech, ability to walk, and ability to use her left hand. She is starting therapy this week. Prayers for her improvement would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Our prayers are with you and yours, especially your neighbor's wife - there is no such thing as routine heart, or other, surgery.

  2. Prayers up.

    This is quite a wave of grief under which your little part of the world is being washed.

    God bless you all, and especially for the complete recovery of your dear neighbor.

    May you all be strengthened and comforted through this difficult time.

    A. McSp

  3. It always seems that events happen in groups. Good and bad. Prayers.

  4. I'll be thinking of your neighbor. A similar thing happened to my father. They said he would not recover but he did, and lived a completely normal life. I hope this happens for your friend, as well.

  5. We have also experienced a wave of tragedies this week: a young mother was killed in a car accident, leaving behind 3 kids ages 8-20, the fire truck responding to that accident was involved in an accident which sent 4 more to the hospital with serious injuries, bringing the total to 7 in the hospital from those incidents minutes apart, then yesterday a man from our church was taken by ambulance to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and dehydration, this morning just before church, our next door neighbor, a man in his 40s had a stroke and was life flighted to the hospital.
    We will pray for yours and ask for prayer for ours. Also, we are dropping our daughter off at college on Wednesday and I am having a hard time. She won't be 18 until December, and I never thought her leaving would come so fast. She just decided to go to Bible college last fall. I haven't had time adjust yet! Prayers appreciated.

  6. what a rash of and yours are in my prayers.

  7. Oh, I do hope this prayer request is not for Julianne at Providence Lodge! Been missing her updates to her blog. Praying for your neighbors. It does seem that death comes in threes for some reason.

  8. No, it's not Julianne (thank God). This is an older lady, feisty and full of spirit. We hate to see her so ill. Her husband, a dear kind man, needs lots of prayers as well -- he's having a hard time coping. He lost his first wife to cancer, and now this...

    - Patrice

  9. Consider me part of the prayer chain. There just seems to be a lot all at once. I pray your neighbor recovers, that the families and friends of those who have passed on find comfort, and for your family as the barnyard won't be the same without JJ.

  10. encouragement for your neighbour's wife: the exact same thing happened to my aunt in Norway 3 months ago. And she is virtually back to normal now - just not bickering so much with my uncle.
    Prayers on their way.

  11. I have had three deaths near to me: My sister-in-law only 53 died suddenly from a brain aneurysm June 23rd, my mother (78)from long term emphysema July 24th, and a man (70) I used to work with had a heart attack July 30th. It has been a sad summer.