Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Words of wisdom

Older Daughter (who has been taking gymnastics for the last year) has her piano lesson this morning. She's currently working on the Adagio from Beethoven's Pathetique. One measure has a looonng stretch on her right hand. "I can't reach that!" she exclaimed. "It's so annoying! It's like trying to do the splits with your fingers!"

Just struck me as funny.


  1. We love your blog! I put up 98 jars of dilly beans this weekend. (One of the few green things my kids will eat.) After putting up the beans and dilled asparagus (58 jars), I decided I really have no idea how much vineger and pickling salt I should have on hand. We haven't even started with pickles yet! What quantities would you suggest and do you know if I can buy vinegar in bulk (drums)? Thanks B & S

  2. She'll get there.....nature has a way of allowing us to make those stretches eventually.

  3. Do it in your head, especially as you're falling asleep. You'll nail it.

    A. McSp