Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are there any readers in Orlando, Florida?

I'll be flying into Orlando(!!) next Sunday (8/21) for an appearance on Herman & Sharron Coffee Talk on CTN (Christian Television Network) in Deland on Tuesday 8/23 (pause while my knees knock together).

On Monday I'm trying to pull together a booksigning somewhere in Orlando, and wonder if there are enough readers in the area to make a go of it? I'm not even sure it can be pulled together at such short notice...


  1. How exciting!

    Orlando has numerous bookstores as the city is quite spread out in population in all 4 directions. From the online bookstore reviews in the area, Barnes & Noble Booksellers at the Colonialtown North location of Orlando, appears to get the most foot traffic, (people=revenues), and is preferred by a diverse clientele rating critique.

    Barnes & Noble Booksellers
    4.5 star rating out of a possible 5
    16 reviews Rating Details

    Categories: Shopping Books, Mags, Music and Video Bookstores Food Coffee & Tea Bookstores, Coffee & Tea
    2418 E Colonial Dr
    Orlando, FL 32803
    Neighborhood: Colonialtown North
    (407) 894-6024

    Here is the complete weblist of all the Bookstores in Orlando.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm only 30 minutes from DeLand (Daytona Beach)! DeLand is a lovely little town, lots of majestic oaks; very *southern* and home of Stetson University.

    I would come to a book signing to meet you, especially if it were in DeLand. But, business would probably be better for you in Orlando, home of the concrete jungle of highways! (lol)

    Best regards,
    Daytona Mom

  3. Are your knees knocking together because of a fear of flying or because of nervousness about the huge audience in Orlando?

    I'd understand either one.

    Just Me.

  4. I live over 3 hours south, but will be making the I-4 treck that Wednesday. What day were you planning to have your signing?

    Southern Gal

  5. Oops, I just read your note again and saw you said Monday.

    Southern Gal

  6. Knees are knocking because I'll be on television for the first time. I'm not a handsome woman and have the usual fear of looking like an idiot.

    Thanks for the info on bookstores, I'll look into them!

    - Patrice

  7. I'd be scared of Television, too.

    Remember they're pros...they know how to put a guest at ease and direct the conversation to keep it flowing. I'm sure they'll give you some tips before you go on. If not, ask for some.

    And, come on...everyone knows you're a doll in muck boots.

    Just Me

  8. Yes there are. I'm one of them. How can I help? You have the unconditional and immediate support of my family and I.


  9. MICHAEL DEAN MILLERAugust 14, 2011 at 8:20 PM


    Just like the first poster said: Barnes & Nobles at Bumby and Colonial.

    Just pistol-whip your way through the aging hipsters in the coffee shop then head to the back near the magazines, set up a table and I'll get a book from ya, too.

    Mike from Orlando

    PS: If ya can't get a pistol on the plane, use a rolled-up copy of AMERICAN RIFLEMAN to smack anyone with grey hair and a tie-dye T-shirt.

    PPS: Oh, and ..World Peace.


  10. Handsome? Maybe not, but you ARE cute! And if personality is at least half our looks as some say, then you're a knockout! (When my wife first saw your updated WND pic, she said, "By golly, she cleans up pretty good!")

  11. I am a little over 2 hours south so not sure we will be able to make a book signing. Tolls are probably more than the book but would be worth it to meet you. Bad news is that wife has jury duty starting Monday and we don't know exactly what to expect.

    Sure you will do fine on TV.

    Oh, be prepared for a shock when you get off the airplane. It isn't just the heat, it is the humidity as well.

    NWS: "Sunday: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 95. Calm wind becoming east southeast around 5 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%"

    It just doesn't get any better.


  12. Patrice,
    Just you, being you, will knock their socks off!
    Is this a live broadcast?
    Break a leg!


  13. There you go, doubting yourself again. You are beautiful inside and out. Are we going to have to get Dons help on this, again??? Besides, most of how you look on the outside is all in the attitude anyway. If you look in the mirror right before you go out there, tell yourself, "Wow, I look really pretty today", then guess what, you will. Don't pick apart your "flaws", see yourself as Don sees you. See yourself as God sees you. Now, go knock their socks off. You will be great. =P
    Oh, and take some gum for the plane, it will help with the ear popping.
    Have a Great Day

  14. If you get an invite to Texas, hope you can take so I can meet you!

  15. Friday questions:

    Any word on a book signing on Monday?

    Is the interview going to be an online stream or is there any chance it will be put on youtube later? (Hint, hint)