Friday, August 5, 2011

A sensible approach to preparedness

Tonight on SurvivalBlog, someone wrote in why he started preparing. The trigger was a frightening near-crime situation in which he was woefully unprepared to defend himself, and the incident changed his life.

"It is my belief," write this person, "that following your own intuition, and combining this with as much safety and preparedness information you can find – is truly the best path to finding safety (if that is even possible) in an unsafe world, and perhaps more importantly – to find your own peace of mind."

The article continues with "My Plan of Action for Becoming More Prepared On A Limited Budget" -- well worth the read.


  1. Excellent! My wife and I are doing our best with what limited resources we have. A little here, a little there. However, the FIRST thing on our list was a firearm for each of us. It doesn't have to be an expensive weapon, but it should be reliable. And you should become very familiar with it. A Swiss Army penknife just isn't going to cut it (pun intended). We can't rely on luck and someone else coming along to get us out of a jam. We just CAN'T!!! We have to learn to rely on ourselves, or we'll soon be dead! And all the preparedness in the world won't save us.

  2. The man from Standard & Poor's (the company that lowered the US credit rating) was interviewed on Fox News today (or yesterday, not sure which) and he said that some countries regain their AAA rating. When asked how long it took those countries to regain the top rating, the S&P guy said 8-10 YEARS. That should be a
    piece of information we can all use. Sadly, I don't think we ever will - too many deadbeats in this country.

    Fox News also showed a news clip from a few weeks ago in which Treasury Secretary Geitner was asked if he thought our rating would ever be down-graded and he said No! He was quite sure of his answer. This guy doesn't know anything! Between him and Obama, it's like watching "Dumb & Dumber" except there is nothing at all funny about this.

    Anonymous Patriot