Monday, August 15, 2011

Random pix

Lydia is shedding. Abundantly.

The blueberry plants have nice little shoots coming up.

We're harvesting the wheat. I'll blog about it when we're done.

A couple of half-grown mice the girls found in the dog food bag, eliciting a bunch of "Awww, they're so cute!" from the kids.

If you remember, I mentioned the garlic tops and several readers suggested I cut off the tops in order to promote growth in the bulbs.

So I did so. Didn't get around to cooking them, though.

Some of our cows with a background of baled hay.

A couple beams of sun shining through sawdust-y air in our shop.


A rather surprising bumper sticker.

A day in the kitchen -- nine quarts of apple pie filling, a bunch of chicken turnovers, and in the back, the raspberry jam I made last week.

Early morning (through a window) -- Lydia in front, a doe in the back.

A pretty sunset.

Another pretty sunset.


  1. I live in San Jose, California and have only seen two Obama 2012 bumper stickers so far. I'm sure more are coming but our cars won't have one! We didn't vote for him the first time around either.

    The mice are cute until they get in your food.

  2. That Obama bumper sticker has GOT to be a joke. I sure don't know any veterans who would support him! He's thrown them under the bus how many times since he took office?

  3. Thanks again for a great start for Tuesday! I remember reading about mixing the sheddings from a golden retriever with wool and spinning into yarn to knit something... Not sure if this was more about remembering the dog or whether it enhances the warmth. Looks like Lydia's shed would be perfect to try spinning -- nice and white! Have any friends who are adventuresome and spin?

  4. "Veterans for Obama"? God love all three of them. They're no doubt shell-shocked from one of the many wars our leaders keep illegally getting us into.

  5. Patrice, your garlic scapes will keep in the fridge for months. I cut mine off in May, and just used the last of them last week. Use them in place of garlic bulbs.... mmmm... so good!

  6. Dont you just wish there was something you could DO with all that dog fur? I have an Aussie, a Beauceron and a Shelite/Pom mix and they produce fur like Ive never seen before!! I think, if only there was some market for this stuff! HA HA HA!!! Oh well! Great pics!

  7. Nice pictures. Garlic scapes also make great pickles. Just google garlic scape pickles. They are the best! It's a new favorite at our house.