Saturday, August 20, 2011

Off to Florida!

I'm leaving at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning for the sunny state of Florida! The plane leaves just after 6 am and I'll be in Florida (Orlando) just after 4 pm.

The reason for going to Florida is to appear on Herman & Sharron Coffee Talk on CTN (Christian Television Network) on Tuesday. Originally I thought the studio was in Deland, but it turns out it's in Largo, so I've been booked into a hotel in Clearwater.

I tried to arrange a booksigning in the region, but it was too short a notice. Sorry!

Wish me luck, it will be my first time on television. Pray God I don't make a durn fool of myself.


  1. You'll do great, Patrice! Be yourself and be wise! Make. Good. Choices. The Gulf will be beautiful. Florida didn't boom until the air conditioners were used in schools in the 1960's and you'll see why in August! There should always be a breeze though! Always carry a water bottle! I go to Ft. Lauderdale annually (east coast) and wish it were more often! Send a link, K?
    --K in OK <><

  2. I grew up in Largo, it's much changed from those days! Be sure to take a drive to Clearwater Beach, the sand is like white sugar. Very humid and not much of a breeze in that area, thank goodness for a/c!

    Break a leg!

    Daytona Mom

  3. I'm sue everything will go well. Your trip across Florida will be boring - really not much to see. It's too bad you couldn't have flown into Tampa.

    Weather will be nice - low 90s with a sea breeze and probably some afternoon rain - typical August weather.

    I'm about 2 1/2 hours south on the Gulf coast - will try to watch, don't know if I get that station but can try on SideReel later.

  4. Yeah! What K said!

    And's just like radio. It ain't brain surgery, so if you mess up nobody dies.

    As I've told you before, I've proven it's impossible to die of embarrassment due to on-air matter how much we might wish we could.

    You're gonna do fine. You've got what it takes, baby!

    A. McSp

  5. Great travel to you, no way you'll make a durn fool of yourself! God be with you!
    MaryB in GA

  6. I set the DVR so I can watch you. Good luck--you'll do great!

  7. You will be great, enjoy a little Mommy time!!

  8. Get yourself home before Hurricane Irene shows up. From a Florida reader.

  9. Way to go Patrice!

    I'm clicking on their show now. Also, when you come back to earth here's a request. I couldn't find any other way to contact didn't like your e-mail address for some reason. So I cut and paste the letter here.

    Good Morning Patrice,

    My name is Gloria Warnick. We met at the Idaho Writer's League Workshop that you gave on blogging.

    Thank-you for this wonderful tool to connect with people. I'm probably not using it to the maximum and am always open to new suggests...but one of the things that you said to do was to write to you and give you our blogspot address and you would link us together.

    Here is my site address: (Amanda Nicolai is the pen name I use for my works of fiction.)

    Thanks and I look forward to seeing you on tv.

    Gloria Warnick