Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making a fetish out of debt

Now this is amazing.

I was reading a forum which was discussing whether or not the federal government will actually cut spending (as promised) by $1 trillion over the next decade. (Of course it won’t.) Most of the respondents on this forum understood the nature of government and realize that these sorts of promises are made from thin air and will never be made good.

But one person wrote the following, which had my jaw dropping in astonishment that anyone could believe this:

Thanks to the double dip-recession, we'll probably have years of chaos as the US sinks to third-world levels and the world economy tanks because tea-partiers make a fetish out of the debt.

Our credit has been downgraded. Mortgage rates will go up -- guess I won't be building that house. Stocks will plummet, so much for savings. Thank you tea partiers for ruining many people's futures!

Instead of taxing those who could very well pay and pumping money into the economy to get it started again, to get jobs, they've done just what their rich masters want. Sure. Shrink the government. Somalia doesn't need a government, why should we?

Tea partiers are making a FETISH out of debt??? And this is a BAD thing??? How can the demand that our nation live within its means be responsible for “ruining many peoples’ futures,” unless those people are unnecessary and/or unconstitutional government employees in the first place?? Funny, I thought the Tea Party was trying to SAVE peoples’ futures. How can shrinking the government to within constitutional limits be a bad thing??

Tea partiers merely want to return to our constitutional foundation. Our founders never intended that the government should provide for people from cradle to grave. The founders wanted a small, streamlined, limited government whose primary responsibility was the protection of our God-given rights. Yet the progressives among us think that's mean and we should all support each other by spreading the wealth and going into debt.

Now we’ve reached a point where anyone who wants those things – a limited government which protects our God-given rights – is viewed as a terrorist. Go figure.

We will never see eye to eye with people of this opinion. This is why I honestly believe the future options for our once-great nation will either be (a) division or (b) civil war. There is a huge segment of people in our nation who honestly applaud a larger and more intrusive government, and genuinely think a massive deficit is a good thing. Will they ever change their mind? No. Instead, they will blame America’s ills on the limitations of the Founding documents and insist that their way is the only way.

Go figure.


  1. There is no way to get through to a progressive. They are brain dead. As Michael Savage often says, "liberalism is a mental disorder." I think he's absolutely correct. Not only are progressives incapable of reaching logical conclusions from the facts, they are dishonest in their debates. They change the subject or criticize spelling or grammar, and ultimately they play the race card or accuse us of hating kids and the elderly. More recently, they call us domestic terrorists, as you pointed out.

    The things that are going on in Washington, DC add up to treason, in my opinion. I'd like to see about 20,000 American citizens make a citizens arrest of all but about 35 of those politicians. That would return our status to AAA. :)

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. It is reaching the point that all the entitlement addicts are getting scared and so blaming the tea party is gaining some ground. I have even seen it on some so called survival boards where people who 2 years ago were crying about spending are now showing their true colors and we find out they are on some government entitlement and food stamps themselves.

    The progressives can't just go blame the patriarchy (meaning white boys) anymore so now they say the rich. Trouble is the rich has too much overlap now. So it's simply the tea party.

  3. Just curious, which forum did you read this in?

  4. I firmly believe we have a large segment of the population "who honestly applaud a larger and more intrusive government, and genuinely think a massive deficit is a good thing" because they have it so good here and now.
    "Will they ever change their mind?" I don't think so , unless the entire US infrastructure collapses and they go hungry from no food in the stores, or are unable to buy the food that is there for less than an entire paycheck due to hyper inflation. Or perhaps when China calls us on our debts and comes over here to foreclose on our country. Then when we can't fight their invasion due to no hard cash to fund our military. Maybe, just maybe, our debt-loving neighbors might change their minds.

  5. Sunday night will be bad. Monday will be beyond imagining.

  6. Hi Patrice,

    I have to say I agree with the OP that the Tea Partiers have made things worse. This downgrading of our credit rating has more to do with the ridiculous spectacle leading up to the raising of the debt ceiling than the debt ceiling itself. Their tactics stink. They can brag they got 98% of what they wanted, but at what price to the middle class American family?

    Yes, we need to reign in the spending that went uncontrolled during the "W" years and is still too high, and YES we need to increase revenues by requiring the rich to pay their taxes just like the rest of us do.

    If my family's budget is a mess, two things happen: we cut out all but the essentials and look to earn some extra money. When we're out of debt, we quit working overtime and vow not to let our spending get out of control again.

    On revenues: why are companies that are showing record profits continuing to receive massive tax breaks or government subsidies (paid with our tax dollars) during these tough times? Why are the rich allowed tax breaks and deductions that result in them paying less in taxes than you and I do?

    When I was making big bucks (never THAT big, but more than I'm making now) and got bumped into a higher tax bracket I was happy to pay my fair share of taxes, knowing the money was used for keeping the roads fixed, school in session, and so on. Why do the Tea Partiers defend the "right" of the rich folks to do what amounts, IMO, to cheating on their taxes?

    PioneerPreppy says we're blaming "the rich." Perhaps s/he doesn't see the unbridled greed that I see.

    The huge company where my husband worked for his entire adult life was allowed by Congress (who are mostly rich) to default on the pensions the workers had paid into for their careers, while Management and CEOs all took home big bonuses or received "golden parachutes." I see this kind of thing repeated all the time. High paid reporters on FOX news agreed that Wall Street firms need to give bonuses to the Management of firms that received government bailout money (because we need to attract and retain "qualified people" for those positions) all the while criticizing that we pay teachers too much. (Don't we need to attract and retain "qualified people" in education?)

    I've been out of work for months and haven't applied for government help, preferring to scrape by rather than ask for a handout, and I'm what you all call a "progressive." Money I've managed to save over the years which is untouchable in my 401K will be worth less Monday. The Tea Partiers may be dancing in the street over their "win," but for me, it was a huge loss.

  7. Don't you think it's interesting that the idea that Tea Party People are some how culpable in the debt disaster is now bubbling up all over? In my opinion, these are fresh talking points that the White House, DNC and their fascist cohorts in the media have created to create a new and false narrative. Their objective is to influence small minds with incoherent ideas and because we have so many leeches, takers and idiots in this country the sad fact is some people will believe this and so many other lies. They have directed their drones to post these lies everywhere in an attempt to influence thinking and talking points.

    We need to refute these lies with facts. Our debt is unsustainable but be aware due to the sad state of our education system, under the control of the unions, we have people that don't even understand the word unsustainable. We have people unable to think for themselves. We have a long road ahead of us.

    God bless all


  8. And one more thing... for the "progressive" above.

    Using your flawed logic which we both know are really just liberal (aka fascist - yeah look it up) talking points that you're repeating without understanding the underlying issues the following scenario would be true

    If I saw a fire in a field and called 9-1-1 I would just be making the situation worse

    That's exactly the logic used by you when you repeat the lie that the Tea Partiers made the debt situation worse by calling attention to unsustainable debt we have racked up.

    Oh, and about corporate taxes - we have the highest rate in the world. Corporations have left and are leaving this country to do business in lower cost/taxed locations... raising their taxes only makes them flee this country faster... Oh, and the rich, if you confiscated all of their money you couldn't pay down even 1% of our debt and guess what they can live somewhere else too (i.e., not in the U.S. to avoid taxes) unless you have a plan to prevent that from happening.

    You really need to expand your mind beyond liberal talking points.

    Take a look at Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.

    And you dear, need some wisdom. Maybe you need to change the channel. I can suggest this site to get you started on your quest to better understand taxes, the economy, debt, job creation and many other topics


  9. I heard Anne Graham Lott speak several years ago and she talked about how good things were being viewed as evil and evil celebrated. Such is it with the debt and Tea Party. Debt is good and those who would even suggest we live within our means are evil. Tax the rich? Talk to Washington, they made the rules. They can close loopholes, but they will take away all charity donations and your house mtg. interest also. So everyone will pay. Oh, those rich people? I believe that the top 5% of earners pay over 50% of the taxes. As Dr. Adrian Pierce Rogers stated: "When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation." If they don't demonize us as Tea Party members, or those who feel people should earn and not be given (yes there are people who need help sometimes) then they have no power and power and control is what they need to survive.

  10. As the debacle was playing out, I was livid with the tea partiests. Yes, cut spending, it is unsustainable. But for goodness sakes, everybody needs to pay their fair share. The rich don't need to be protected by the tea party from paying the same taxes I pay.

    Rita, the sad state of our education system has more to do with absentee parents and spoiled children addicted to tv and electronics than with teachers' unions. As the child of two teachers who barely scraped by (mom went back to work after staying home our first few years because we couldn't make it on what dad made as a teacher), I always wondered where the myth of the "powerful teachers' unions" came from. In the state where I live, a teacher is required to have a college degree before they can enter a credential program where they spend another two years earning the credential that allows them to teach. So six years of college debt is required for a job that will pay $30,000. And if you're a teacher, in this state anyway, you forfeit Social Security even if you've paid into it in the years before or after you teach. Teachers routinely spend 15 -20 hours of unpaid overtime writing lesson plans, prepping, grading papers, attempting to communicate with unresponsive parents, etc. (Sorry, you hit a nerve!) And much of summer "vacation" is spent taking classes and prepping for the next year. If teachers' unions were all THAT powerful, teachers would have better working conditions.

    I think blaming dedicated and hardworking teachers is one of "the lies" that "drones post "everywhere in an attempt to influence thinking and talking points."

    So while we disagree on that, Rita, at least we agree that people are too stupid to see the real causes of what is happening.

  11. Seems people think that money earned by the wealthy is everyones to distribute. In this poor business climate these people are doing exactly what anyone else would do in their shoes. Hold tight, cuts costs, and production as demand drops. Employment also drops. I do not know about the rest of you but welfare recipients or low income people do not provide jobs. I have never been hired by any of them . Liberals love to blame ol Bush, even close to 3 years after he left office. Did he spend like a drunken sailor? Yes he did, but your great black hope has outspent all other administrations COMBINED. What did this current administration do even before the ink dried on this treasonous agreement? Why of course they borrowed mo money! Bush would have never threatened to hold back Social Security payments or paychecks to our military. You cannot say that about this turd in the White House. Difference in character I guess. The feds do take in money, maybe canceling the billions being sent to Egypt and Palestine, perhaps cutting off free cell phones to entitlement moochers. or maybe deep sixing that monstrosity called bama care would have been a wiser choice than threatening old folks and brave soldiers. I agree with the majority here, our nation is past political solutions and I am resigned to the fact I may be caught in a civil war shortly. One last thing, This text following is the basic beliefs of the tea party platform. Read it. it you cannot support that platform then you are part of the problem and 180 degrees from the solution. Reprinted with permission.
    It's absolutely amazing how liberals constantly refer to the Tea Party as wingnuts, crazy, lunatics, terrorists, and whatever epithet they can think of or repeat. The Tea Party believes in the following simple principles:

    1. The Federal Government has gotten too large and amassed too much power.
    2. Federal Government spending is out of control.
    3. Our entitlement programs are unsustainable in their current form, due primarily to an aging population, and will lead the country into bankruptcy.
    3. Federal spending should match Federal revenue. Borrowing 42 cents for every dollar spent is a recipe for disaster.

    Had Enuff

  12. ‎51% of house holds pay no income tax and some 47% are receiving some form of government assistance...

    "A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."

    This is not going to end well.

  13. The problem is that Obama caved on a lot of the Republican demands fairly early, so the Tea-party wing simply demanded more.

    The current deal is probably not as good as what they would have got if they had taken the promised cuts and worked on the rather thane demanding balanced budget amendments that many in the larger Republican party don't like - little less the Democrats.

    I admire the stand on principal, but at some point they have to realize that they are not a majority unto themselves, and do have to make compromises.

  14. I know this is a comment section and not a message board but I have to respond to the comment above,

    "If my family's budget is a mess, two things happen: we cut out all but the essentials and look to earn some extra money. When we're out of debt, we quit working overtime and vow not to let our spending get out of control again."

    In this scenario "look to earn some extra money" is the equivalent of raising taxes. It's like you going in to your employer and demanding a raise (or overtime) to help you get your debt under control. And if they refuse you'll throw then in jail for "overtime evasion".

    The reality is if I can't control my family budget I learn how. And in the meantime I reduce my spending and tighten my belt. The money I don't spend then pays down the debt.

    Let's make it simple math. I work one day and will make 10 dollars. I already owe 20 dollars to debt and spend 15 dollars a day. How do I get out of debt and not let it happen again? I learn to live on 8 dollars a day, spend the extra 2 dollars on the debt and after 10 days I have no more debt and 2 dollars a day to save towards those future days when there may not be any work.

    The biggest problem with this scenario is that I'm leaving out the fact that 2 dollars each day is taken away from me to a) put into the largest ponzi scheme that has ever been played upon the American people. (Social Security, pay me a dollar now and when it's your turn to collect you'll get three in return.) and b) to give to those people that don't go out and work and earn their own 10 dollars for the day. (Welfare)

  15. Anon 4:45
    Talk about hitting a nerve!! You hit mine. I am a teacher in the state of CA. Don't you dare tell me that the teachers' union is responsible for the decline of the education system. CA teachers are protected by tenure and WAY over paid. The cry if they have to work 7 hours a day 182 a year. We are working 3 days less this year due to the budget disaster of the state and our district. I have over 25 years in education and without a Master's degree I make a WHOLE lot more than $30,000 a year. More than double that amount. I have given over 2 weeks of free work this month to my district, but that is not the norm for a public teacher. Teachers have paid time worked into their schedules for prep work and parent conference time.
    Summer vacation spent working taking classes and prepping for the next school year. You have to be joking. If a teacher takes classes they move over on the pay schedule and get a raise. What prepping does a teacher need to do in the summer. Please enlighten me, after over 25 years I must have missed something. We have work days prior to the school year starting for that.
    You are the one that is being influenced by the liberal media and their talking heads. Teachers, at least in CA, are not under paid and over worked.

    If I made spelling or grammar mistakes please forgive me. I am so mad at the "poor little teacher" lies by the media that I can barely type without screaming right now.

  16. Patrice - you've hit a nerve. I actually had to block my own mother's posts on Facebook because I was getting tired of the lame, nasty, vile, insulting things she was linking, liking and posting about those who don't toe the far left liberal line. Saddens and depresses me because we used to be able to talk about anything.

    I'll admit to wanting to smack both parties in the head. I could never be elected to CONGress because, after 20 minutes of their baloney, I'd be swinging from the chandelier rope like Earl Flynn smacking people for being stupid.

    I spent 10 years as a tax accountant, 9 of it in the San Bernardino, CA area - home of the Earned Income Tax Credit (also known as "The $5,000+ Tax Handout You Didn't Work For". The entitlement attitude of these folks was legendary! By the second week of February, you guessed it, I'd be wanting to smack the next person who complained about getting over $5,000 of *MY* tax payments as a "refund". Over those 10 years, I prepared close to 3,400 returns. Over 50% of them were EITC recipients. I can count on ONE HAND the number of filers where I said 'THIS is a person I don't mind helping - they're doing the best they can".

    Some things I'd like to see:
    * Lower corporate tax rates to something competitive then close all the darn loopholes that allow GE to increase their profit immensely and still pay $0 in tax.

    * Once the corporate tax rate is lowered, refuse government contracts to corporations that "incorporate" offshore with 5 employees and a post office box in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes. (Arthur Anderson - I'm looking at you...)

    * Get us the heck out of Iraq, stop spending money on the undeclared and probably unconstitutional "kinetic action" in Libya. Enough in Afghanistan - we got the guy. Afghanistan is where Empires go to die.

    * Make a cut mean a cut. None of this bullpuckey about a decrease in the rate of increased spending being labeled a cut. Doesn't work in my house, shouldn't work in yours.

    * Audit areas of known fraud such as Medicare and the Earned Income Tax Credit. As a tax preparer, I've turned many a person in for using fake W2s to claim thousands of tax dollars. Guess what? The IRS won't do a thing about it even when they know about it.

    * Spread the tax tables DOWN. We're at a point where almost 50% of tax filers pay no tax and, in fact, get tax handouts. EVERYONE, as O likes to say, should have some skin in the game even if it's a nominal amount.

    * Get rid of the EPA, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy and anything else that didn't exist before Carter. If we didn't need them then, we don't need them now.

    * Make Obama pay for his own bus tour out of campaign funds. What a joke.

    * Challenge this "Super Congress". I'm pretty darn sure such a creature is not found in our constitution.

    * Our country was founded in 22 pages. All laws (Obamacare - this is for you) should be able to be written in as few pages. If it's 2,000+ pages of legalese that no one can read, no one will read and no one understands - DON'T VOTE FOR IT!

    * Stop teaching kids that the United States of America was founded as a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic - start acting like it. Our founding fathers were correctly aghast at the idea of a democracy.

    I've got a ton of them folks, but unless I figure on starting my own blog, better stop there.

  17. Really Rita, someone who thinks that 'liberal" and "fascist" are one in the same is more in need of wisdom than I. I don't get my talking points from newsotainment. I read far and wide, both the opinions of intelligent people I agree with and intelligent people I don't, to reach my own conclusions. I try to understand what the "other side" is saying, because there is liable to be some truth there. I don't characterize everyone who disagrees with me as stupid, lazy, or a leech.

    And I see the vocal and radical members of the Tea Party who made this debt ceiling issue into a circus, not as the callers-in to 911 but as people who yelled and screamed about how THEY wanted the fire extinguished and who weren't going to move out of the way unless they were obeyed. Most segments of this nation, progressive and conservative, are concerned with the budget. Progressives (most of us) want the gov't. to live within its means. Look at the surplus the last "progressive" president left us. I don't buy things I can't afford, and I don't appreciate my government doing it either. It's fine with me that the Tea Party is for balancing the budget, heck, so am I.

    And as for the rich leaving to live somewhere else if we do away with their tax cuts, our income tax on the wealthiest is much lower than just about any country they'd run to.

    I say it again: I pay my taxes, they should pay theirs.

    Cut spending. Do away with loopholes. We just about all use the roads and bridges and have the option of using the libraries and schools, so we all need to pay our share of taxes.


  18. Wow, Patrice, the trolling libs are here. I guess they got their orders to post their bs on every blog they could find with a conservative/libertarian slant. Well, I got news for all the lefties and all the others who sup at the public trough - your days of power are waning. Either get on board or get out of the way.

    The Tea Party will be the saving political grace of this country, if this country is going to be saved. The 30-35 of them who stuck to their principles are to be heralded, not ridiculed.

    Re: Teachers' Unions, they have ruined California. They have successfully convinced a majority of the voters that they need more money, year after year after year. It's a scam and a travesty. Who votes for these increases? Laregly those who benefit from it directly or those who pay no income or property taxes. And so the downward spiral continues....


  19. Sorry, I re-read my post. Correction: Teacher unions ARE responsible for the decline in education. I was so mad that I didn't catch my typo. We are protected by tenure, don't work a full year, lots of vacation (1 week Thanksgiving, 1 week Easter,2 weeks Christmas, every Federal holiday, and 10 + weeks for summer) poor little us. On top of that teachers start at over $40,000 and benefits. I use to volunteer for extra-curricular programs. I can't now because we have to be paid. We aren't allowed to volunteer for hardly anything. Parents, aren't allowed to volunteer for more than 2 hours a weeks. It works an aide out of a job. Enough we no longer have classroom aides because they start at over $9.00 an hr and we can't afford then.
    I'm not a liberal teacher. I belong to the union because it is mandatory in my district.

  20. @ Becky...WOW you nailed it. If only we had a president and congress that believed in those things.

    @ Patrice, I'm with you, it will be a split or a civil war, either way, won't be pretty.

  21. Not a troll, but an avid reader of Patrice's blog since the link appeared in Survival Blog a couple (few?) months back. Lots of progressives have moved "forward to the land" because of concerns over sustainability. While Patrice and I would disagree over most things political, I admire what she is doing on her homestead and her dedication to her girls. I like to think she'd be a little impressed with the hard work we've put into our mini-homestead since we "retreated."

    Don't think there will be a split or civil war -- too much mind-numbing crap out there to take the vast majority's minds off what is really happening. Facebook and The Bachelor (etc.) are the opiate of the masses now. But I wouldn't deny we're heading for a crash (economic? peak everything? pandemic? climate change extreme weather?) that will substantially change the way we live. Something's gotta give.

    Stuck in Ca, you should come to our rural town. With your 35 years you could make $32,000 and work evenings, weekends and volunteer your behind off.

  22. A split or a civil war? The progressives will never allow a split to happen without a fight,so unfortunately I think civil war is more probable.

    Sometimes when I fear for my children, I have to remember that the Lord is still in control, whatever happens.


  23. This administration has sought and gained control over a wide swath of our economy. Control of energy through red tape clogging regulations and quantitative easing(inflation) to control of the job market through public sector growth and private sector disdain. Prezident cheesy has only made mention 15 or more times throughout his rule he was "Going to pivot next and concentrate on jobs". Now, again through clogging regulations he is seeking to put a stranglehold on food production. many of these incredulous acts include requiring commercial licensing of farm equipment even though they never leave the farm. Another is prohibiting the selling of private produce to neighbors and friends. Unpasteurized milk another great example. I drank my share of the real deal 50 years ago and it never harmed anyone drinking it. Control of these three vital elements of the economy and you control the populace. Someone once said "When you grab someone by the short hairs their hearts and minds will soon follow". Civil war,or at best extreme civil unrest will soon break out in a neighborhood near you.Just watch these smaller nations implode. We are next. Liberals best make a hard and fast choice what side of the fence they want to land on cause that decision making time is just coloring the horizon.

    Had Enuff

  24. Stuck in CA, I'm so glad you made that correction because for a minute or two I thought you had gone over to the dark side. LOL

    I watch trends. There is a sort of civil war raging already. There are people who want to shoot cops, even during routine traffic stops. This is a growing trend, and once the cops are afraid to go out on the streets, we will have to defend our own and our property. Just as we are in a financial depression already, (but the MSM lies to us about it), so too are we already in the beginning stages of a civil war IMO.

    Harden your homes, hide your valuables, and get ready to defend what is yours.


  25. Like I said I have noticed these progressive preppers cropping up on some mail lists and blogs since the Golfer in Chief started the whole class warfare act in earnest. They want to blame American corporations and scream about capital gains while not even knowing what they are or that they are already taxed and taxed again. They blame US companies for moving overseas but fail to notice progressive regulations forcing these companies overseas. They even give tax breaks for buying foreign aircraft now over American made. The progressive, political correctness, one world order, white guilt, free trade agreements are what is killing US jobs. Wake up people.

    Tea Party is just code for white middle class. It won't end with political rhetoric either. Tomorrow morning the progressives and their feminist Axe-Hags will try and throw the "Tea Party" on the sacrificial alter and the real struggle will begin.

  26. I don't mind anonymous posting because at least they are a genuine person. The reason people don't want the government taking any more of their money with tax hikes is because we are not seeing a good return on that investment. You have politicians spending money on baseball stadiums they can name after themselves instead of needed infrastructure as happened in Minneapolis-St. Paul and New Orleans. You have people able to eat themselves too obese to work so they can claim disability and the government pays for it (as a neighbor i know did). The tea party doesn't want the government taking any more money from its citizens until they start spending the money they now take in more responsibly. There is so much that could be done to cut corruption and inefficiency and if we raise taxes without a plan to take steps toward responsible spending, we are again making a bad investment. Most people don't want to shirk their duty paying taxes, (we all want roads) but we don't want taxpayer dollars going to covering up politicians' affairs. The whole system needs an overhaul (starting with term limits) but i think when two differing groups of people can't even agree what constitutes human life, it is time for us to part.

  27. I am Tea Party and proud of it...the Tea Party simply wants our congress critters to quit spending us into oblivion expecting common middle class folks like myself to pick up the tab regardless! I don't work my tail off Monday through Friday 6am to 7pm to pay for someone to get a "cell phone" because it is now viewed as a "right"...especially since they often times sit on their butts and complain they can't find work (even when times were good) What a bunch of bologna. Too many lazy people sitting on their duffs expecting someone else to help them. The only right humans have is the right to try and live as long as possible before we meet our maker. Do you think cavemen thought everything was a right...heck no, they either did it themselves or did without...kind of what this Blog points out 99% of the hard their family works to provide for themselves and not live off the hard work of others.

    I am glad the Tea Party members stood up to the libs and told them no more...about time someone got a spine in Washington. And here is a bet, I would bet you that more people will sign up for the Tea Party based on how they stood their ground! Libs need to move north to Canada or better yet, head over to the UK and get all the dose of socialism you want...I have friends there and it isn't as good as you might believe.

    God Bless the Tea Party!

  28. I read every one....

    And there is nothing more to add that Becky didnt do a great job saying!

    EVERYONE should pay something - honestly, if you dont pay, you shouldnt be allowed to vote...

  29. I was listening to a local Conservative radio show yesterday and they were discussing the latest liberal tea-party bashing. They made a good point that we showed them our true feelings last November and all the liberals have left is name calling because they probably know that come next election they will lose out again (hopefully!!!). They are grasping at straws trying to turn people away from the tea party. I think their hateful actions and speech are only bringing more people to the tea party (again, hopefully!)
    I also heard a Pastor call in and say that maybe a lot of the blame actually lies with this Christian nation not following Biblical principles for many years and straying from our roots. But then, I think most of us are aware of that sad fact.

  30. "EVERYONE should pay something - honestly, if you dont pay, you shouldnt be allowed to vote..."

    I don't care who you are, you pay.. There is not a single thing you can buy that is not taxed sometime along it's journey. That milk you bought and didn't pay tax on because it's food? The farmer that raised the cow was taxed, the jug it's in was taxed, the truck that brought it to the store was taxed multiple times, the store was taxed multiple times, yet you're told it's " non-taxable"

    I pay taxes all day every day, why should I pay again for the privilege of working?

    Want to see a list of taxes you pay every day and in most cases don't even realize?

  31. Progressive-girl here again. I came across an article by Warren Buffet about him and his super-rich friends, saying he, and lots of his friends, love this country and the opportunity it has afforded them; admitting that he pays FAR less percentage-wise in taxes than the average middle class person, and suggesting that taxes be raised on folks who earn more than $1 million a year. See what you think of what he has to say: