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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tea Party Hour of Power

I'm going to be a guest on the Tea Party Hour of Power this afternoon from 3:30 - 4 pm Pacific time with host Mark Gillar. (This is a pre-tape interview so I'll have to let you know when it will be aired.)

What cracks me up is how the show's web page depicts all the guests with sleek suits and groomed hair. Then there's me...

...in my farm clothes leaning against Matilda's stall door. Oh well, it's a realistic depiction...


  1. At least someone on the Tea Party Hour of Power should resemble the majority of people who actually comprise the Party! :0)

  2. I think you look fine in that line up. I look forward to listening to the program. We have a lot of repair work to do in this country and we all need to stay involved as much as possible. I think we got where we are today because we weren't paying attention. I know I wasn't.

    Keep us posted on the date and time!

  3. I'd listen to you before I'd listen to those over priced suit wearing folks!! You go Patrice! Love your blog.

  4. You're the stand-out talent, honey. What can I say?

    Go get 'em!

    A. McSp

  5. Wow! What a line-up and you look like the most "real" person there. Can't wait to hear/watch this.

  6. You are far more beautiful than the rest combined.

  7. We are what we are. Too many already put out a fake face. Lets see, who would I trust on sight? Someone in a slick expensive suit? someone with perfect hair and great jewelry? Someone in honest working mans clothes? Hmmm...