Thursday, December 23, 2010

Women Against Women (conclusion)

Here is the conclusion to my series on feminism.


  1. Excellent, loved the article. I have 2 sisters-in-law that are career women and they both believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that their children being raised by daycare is no different than my children being raised by me at home. They have both told me that they use a VERY GOOD DAYCARE so they know for certain that it is a GREAT ATMOSPHERE for the kids.

    I am never the one to start these conversations, but somehow they always crop up at family gatherings. I am left to conclude that they somehow feel a need to justify their decisions whenever they see our children together. Well, that and the fact that one of them has a 4 year old that still isn't even close to bring potty trained because her entire life she has spent the majority of her waking hours in the daycare setting. We won't even talk about the rate of illness in their household because of the constant exposure to groups of sick kids and dirty hands.

    The biggest difference I see in our kids is the fact that all 4 of their kids seem very unattached to their parents. Yes, they love them, but I definitely see a chasm between them that would horrify me if I saw it in my own kids.

    BUT, seeing as how the parents are not spending much actual time in the presence of their kids, I totally understand how they don't have a clue what I am referring to.

    Overall it just makes me very, very sad. All in the name of money and power.

  2. You are correct that NOW and other groups along with their media allies have twisted and bluffed the politicians (and others) into thinking they represent all women.

    Yet the most destructive side of feminism has been it's ability to ally with and then hijack all other movements it has come in contact with. Civil rights being the main one but it continues to this day. The feminist were the ones to benefit from affirmative action and they plan on being the real beneficiaries of even more "liberties" by allying with other "oppressed" groups. Muslims, animal rights activist, socialist you name it.

    The only real constant is that they must always have a common enemy... The White Male.

  3. I think that people should feel free to do whatever it is that they want to do. I've tried, but (sigh) within the confines of what I thought was right for the family. In other words, the high-achieving, high-paying career with the long hours wasn't going to be for me because of the kids.

    My ex-sister-in-law took the opposite path. Her husband left her for another woman and hired a high profile lawyer to get the kids. She had no money, no career, and a horrible rental falling apart trailer to live in. She picked herself up, became a super saleswoman, and became quite wealthy. Her kids came to live with her as soon as they were able, and she paid for very expensive colleges for them. They're all doing quite well financially. Her children are happily married.

    I think maybe I should have gone after financial stability instead of family stability.

  4. I loved this series. You are able to put into very eloquent words what I cannot. I do think that the feminists' movement you speak about is a huge problem in our country, but I also think that it's just one small part.

    Personally, I am planning to homeschool my children and raise them with the idea that it's really the most natural way to raise a child. But, having been raised myself by two working parents who don't have the values that I do, I recognize that many women will have to work outside the home in order to support themselves financially until (and if) they marry a man who is willing to be a man and work to support the family while his wife stays home and cares for the children and the homestead.

    Unfortunately, the likelihood of being able to find men like that is shrinking. The little boys raised in daycare with single, feminist mothers grow up to look down upon women who want to uphold the natural order of things and stay home. It ends up going both ways.

    All I can really do is pray that women (and men, bc that's just as important) will come to understand that if we really want to see a change in our country, we need to go back to having very strong family values.

  5. Excellent series of articles, Patrice. I hope it gets picked up by other media.

    Anonymous Patriot

  6. The scariest part is, the children raised by poorly-paid strangers are growing up and they will run our world soon... Great series, Patrice. Jennifer