Monday, December 13, 2010

Random pix

Remember that giant egg from a few days ago?

Sure enough, it was a double-yolker.

Lydia (who still fits into her favorite chair) gets dolled up for the holiday.

A shaft of evening sun...

...lights up the snow.

An ornament on the tree.  My camera doesn't take close-up shots well so this didn't turn out as I hoped.  Still, it has pretty colors.


...and chickens.

We were driving past the lake last week, and it was mirror-calm.

And I mean it was mirror-calm.  Click on this one to enlarge - this photo turned out fantastic.


  1. Beautiful pictures - always love to see Lydia.

  2. Awesome shots, very hard to beat nature's canvas for beauty!
    Had Enuff

  3. I love to read your posts and see your photos. :) Your Great Pyr is adorable! He he. God bless you and yours this Christmas!!

  4. That's what we coast huggin' surfer/paddler types would call some totally glassed off water, dude! Makes ya wanna FISH! And speakin' of's great to see those big grocery birds walkin' around with your chickens. Y'all will never be hungry.

    And I love that double yolked egg. I've been getting several lately, too, and it never ceases to be a really good feeling each time I get one. You get where you can spot them in the shell and save them for special dad-treats when having fried eggs and hashbrowns. Ahhh. The power of cooking. lol
    When I was a girl we'd drive to a turkey ranch that sold their pullet eggs, which are eggs from first season layers, and therefore more likely to contain double yolks. A very good percentage did indeed have them, and they were delicious. Thanks for the good memory prompt!

    I'm thinking we could start a betting pool on how long Lydia's chair will survive her growth
    and development. It's easy to forget she's still pretty close to being a pup..albeit a big one...and still growing. One of these days you're gonna hear crack, pop, thump, crash and find her looking up at you going 'HUH?' At that point the camera will come out and you'll have the centerpiece shot for a photo retrospective of her in her beloved chair. And we will all love it.