Saturday, December 4, 2010

Undermining three areas

"America's ... resistance is three fold: its patriotism, morality and spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
     - Joseph Stalin

Don't those words just send chills down your spine?

Here is an excellent column by Dr. Ted Baehr entitled Rebuilding our Nation's Foundations. Well worth reading.


  1. Well, not really anything new as far as I'm concerned (I seem to be very hard to please this evening...maybe every evening...but I digress).

    What I find so interesting, and simultaneously irritating, is the number of far leftwingers who finally saw the light and changed over to the right side, as Dr. Baehr has done. Do they have any idea how much damage they've already done to this society and to this country by the time they convert? The number of left-to-right changlings is enormous, and thankfully they outnumber the ones who change from right-to-left by a huge number, but their youthful political exploits have had a horrible impact on our nation.

    If I remember correctly, Patrice, herself, is another example of a leftwinger who turned to the Light and the Right, and has been working hard ever since to improve our nation's plight - or as I usually say, working hard to make up for the damage done in years past. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to have these folks come around to the right side, but I have one question for them:

    What the hell were you people thinking?

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Don't be too hard on us, AP. Yes, I was a good little lib in college. But remember, I was also a good little product of the public school system. It was only by the grace of God and the patience of my wonderful husband that I finally realized the error of my liberal ways. It's amazing what one can see once one's eyes are open.

    - Patrice

  3. I'm starting this post in what might seem to be off topic, but bear with me a minute...

    I'm seeing Patrice's and Don's mugs as I watch Captain and Commander, the Far Side of the World. Cool!

    I logged on specifically to say that, and after reading AP's post it seems like I've found the right thread.

    Seeing D&P's mugs in this movie seems like perfect example of why America won't fail, as the evil Mr. Stalin obviously fantasized. This is because Mr. Stalin never met Don and Patrice, or AP or the many millions of hard working self actualized and independent Americans like us who, unlike his victims, have lived in a blessed and abundantly productive land, unlike his own country, and we have lived as a free people, not as the serfs and illiterate unarmed peasants he plundered and starved. Our faith and our values remain viable strong.

    My biggest problem with the 'newly converted far left winger' conservatives is that they are exactly that, and by nature are prone to extremism and a reactive, perhaps radical mindset. While it's nice to have the added numbers and hopefully the votes they represent, these folks can sometimes prove to be a real liability.

    I'm not talking here about the Patrices, if we may use her as our example for a moment, who were never really that far out there to the left in the first place, and who have long since embraced stable, productive and faith-anchored lives as productive, thinking citizens.

    I'm talking about the recent and really out there left. Certainly many have seen the light and are truly becoming imbued with a clearer, reality-based world view. This is indeed an answer to prayer and the more who come the more we're all blessed. But many others are simply reactionary and angry, and they bring those negative qualities with them. They don't really embrace conservative values and loyalties may be shallow. Their demands can be unreasonable, and their tactics can be anarchistic and destructive.

    When you look America's pre-islamoterror assassinations, attempts, bombings and so forth in recent decades, it seems many of the perpetrators tend to have one thing in common: they're radical liberals. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but look at the trend. When one looks at the pervasive and growing incidents of assault, thuggery, and vicious, often vulgar public personal attacks now accepted as the norm, it seems it's overwhelmingly coming from the far left. Am I wrong?
    I guess what I'm saying is it can be risky letting these folks on your team. They can be fractious and destructive, and cause a lot of grief.

    Well, now that I've written a twelve chapter response to a post I haven't even read yet, I guess I'm qualified to go write for any one of the alphabet aka lamestream media or huffpo or something,huh? lol



  4. next day....

    I've read Dr.Baehr's commentary, and I can see why it's linked here. Good stuff.

    I mentioned in my earlier post I was viewing Master and Commander, the Far Side of the World.
    In the scene where he's arguing disciplinary policy with his 'liberal' friend, Russel Crowe's character, the ship's captain, says this:

    " You've come to the wrong shop for anarchy, brother."

    I loved it. It sounds like a perfect message for our impostor in chief and his flaming red minions.


  5. Like A.McSp, I watched a movie that gave me hope too. You've GOT to see the 1939 movie, "Confessions of a Nazi Spy". It is based on the actual writings of the FBI agent who broke up the Nazi ring in the US that was trying to take down the country before Germany ever invaded Czechoslavakia or Austria and during the time that US businesses were still dealing with Germany. The speeches by the American Nazis were chilling and all you have to do is plug in 'Radical Islam' or 'socialists' or 'communists' where ever they say 'Nazi' and the ideas are still the same. "The greatest threat to the world is the US Constitution." Absolutely fascinating. But it is Edward G. Robinson's statement at the end that just lifts your spirits.