Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I just learned how to text message!!!

I know all my wonderful readers are too smart to text and drive.....


  1. Save the Canning JarsDecember 21, 2010 at 6:24 PM

    Since my stroke at age 42, I won't even talk on a cell phone and drive. I pull over when it is safe and call back. Those are some amazing pictures!

  2. Miss Mari and I commute about 500 miles a week minimum and I will not even take my cell out of the briefcase while the car is in motion.
    One of my best friends son was killed this summer while in India.

  3. I won't either. I am a menace while drivingand talking on a cell phone. I have done it exactly once, and I scared the living crap out of myself and a nice old lady in the car next to me. NEVER again.

    What's odd is I was a cop for 10 years, and never had the slightest trouble talking on the radio and driving. The difference, I think, is that radio comms are half-duplex (simplex), or one way at a time, and cell phones are duplex, both ways at once.

    Bill Smith

  4. WOW! Gives a whole new meaning to the expression "riding the rail." Thank goodness no other car was involved.

    In California, driving while distracted - whether by talking on a cellphone or putting on makeup, etc. - is a violation of the vehicle code. However, every day I see people talking on their cell phones (hands-free is OK, but it shouldn't be) and risking my life and theirs as they do so. These people aren't always teenagers, either. Many of the people I see talking on their phones or texting while driviing are over the age of 40! Sheesh.

    There are some laws that don't sit well with me, but most laws have a valid reason for existing. They were made because a segment of the population doesn't have good sense. Texting while driving should have the same punishment as drinking and driving, IMHO.

    Anonymous Patriot

  5. The second picture is morphed. If you look at the guardrail in the photos before and after, the guardrail is over to the top of the car and curved...the second photo shows it IN the car, and straight.

    That said, I still wouldn't text and drive - that's just asking to die.

  6. I looked again - and in fact, the bottom photo shows no guard rail out the back of the car at all. This scene was staged.

  7. There's nothing staged. I've seen the photos of this incident before, including several not shown here. You are not appreciating the different perspectives shown. In the last photo the section that curves from the back window to the ground is hidden behind the truck, but you can clearly see the section running along the ground.

    That said, when I forwarded this amazing set of photos to friends, I caused quite a stir I hadn't planned on...because I drive a silver Suburban. Of course I knew it wasn't mine, but at first they didn't!

  8. The rail want through the car in all the pictures. At some point they moved the rail out of the middle of the road, and eventually cut the back part off.

  9. Note to self:
    SUVs make poor monorails.

  10. We don't have a cell phone so we don't text. I do think that it is so very easy to wreck as it is. I have taken to not manipulating our mp3 player while driving. It is just to distracting. We live off of a major interstate and there are enough wrecks each year as it is.

    Ouida Gabriel