Friday, December 31, 2010

Goofy dogs

Lydia loves the snow.

Even Major, who is getting up there in years, has been enjoying a few nice romps before coming in to wrap himself around the woodstove.

(Those are Lydia's jowls you see, flapping in the breeze.)

Even back in the house, Lydia was in play mode.


  1. Ha! too cute, I just love the photos of your dog.


  2. Lydia is such a sweet dog!

    Ouida Gabriel

  3. Poooooor little pitiful puppity. LOL

    Great high speed shots. 'Ears standing up' is too funny. And it's great to see Major being so puppified.

    Girl you just might as well quit playin' around and get into the greeting card business! You'd have rich pickin's in the urban markets. Most of your stuff, and especially your landscapes and vistas have a strong 'wanna go THERE!' quality. If they have that effect on someone like me who has one of the most outstanding 24/7 views in the world overlooking the San Juan Islands with a snow-covered Canadian mountain range in the background, imagine what they do to your urban dwelling readers!

    You're mighty handy with that camera, Ma'am. I know you're probably scuffing your toe in the snow and sayin' something like 'aw shucks...I'm just a rookie..' And that may be true, but you've got a good eye and the right touch, and you're a natural. Thanks for letting us feast our eyes on your ever-engaging picture stories.
    Keep 'em coming.