Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the radio again

I was invited to be a guest once more on Chris Levels' radio show, Politics and Prophecy, broadcast on WSNL out of Flint, Michigan.  Mr. Levels, as you may remember, is the kind and patient host whose program last March got me over my petrifying fear of being on the radio.

The funny thing was, I didn't even have time to get scared with this interview because I thought the radio program was today (Thursday) but in fact it was yesterday.  At 6:55 a.m. yesterday morning the phone rang.  Wondering who on earth could be calling so early, I ran down to answer it and found myself speaking to the charming young woman who is the station's sound tech.  So within fifteen minutes I was on the air!  No time to get nervous!  It was great!

Chris and I discussed a number of issues, including the TSA (cough) "security" requirements, WikiLeaks, and other subjects.  He hopes to have me on again in the near future to discuss SB 510 (the Food Safety Modernization Act) among other issues.

Thank you Chris for once again being the perfect host!


  1. Well done, Patrice.

    I hope their audience is growing, and that we'll soon see this find a nexus at We need all the voices of common sense, reason and resourcefulness we can get in this world right now.

    I also hope this is gonna post ok and you're having no problems with your site today. Some sites are down.


  2. Thank you Patrice. I have just sent an email to Julia asking if we can send over an MP3 copy of the show. This way you can put it directly on your blog and/or your facebook page. I will know tomorrow. Chris