Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why we use a chicken coop

Just before Christmas, here's what I found in our barn:

A nice fresh (and I mean fresh!) pile of COYOTE POOP.  Smack in the middle of the barn.  This is why we button up the chickens at night!


  1. Patrice,
    I can relate to wanting to proect your "girls".
    In the winter I even go one further. We have a totally screened in ,8 x 12 attached run to the coop( also 8 x 12). I keep the girls and "Mr. Bigs" confined to this combined space in the winter for protection from the Hawk that haunts the airspace surrounding our yard. Mr hawk as nabbed 3 of my girls in the last 2 winters. He has gotten his last chicken from my yard if I can help it!


  2. Um, isn't it Lydia's job to keep the coyotes off the farm? Wasn't her breed developed to protect farm animals while also being a loving member of a human family? Guess she has the one part of her heritage down pat. LOL

    Anonymous Patriot

  3. LOL - Patrice, I could have lived without that last photo. I'm not sure if I really want to ask this, but I find myself curious how you can tell it is coyote poop instead of wandering dog poop or bobcat poop? I learn SO much from your blog.


  4. Yes, Lydia's breed is that of a livestock guardian - OR a house guardian. A Pyrenees can either be a livestock guard or a family guard, but not both. Lydia guards us, so she's indoors at night.

    As for how to tell whether it's coyote poop vs. a wandering dog or a bobcat - well, we don't have stray dogs in our area (our dogs wouldn't allow it!) and in all my years here I've never seen a bobcat. Cougars, wolves, and bears, yet - but never a bobcat. We do, however, have oodles of coyotes.

    - Patrice