Friday, December 31, 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland

We had a blizzard here on Wednesday. It left us with about a foot of snow (and some drifts) and it's absolutely breathtakingly beautiful outside. Yesterday I walked to the end of our dirt road - 1 1/2 miles away - and back again. Come see the sights with me.

I'm always amazed at how snow turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This little tree is only about five feet high. The snow turned it into a veritable Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Snow-covered sentinels, marching along the edge of the field. Click this one to enlarge - it's pretty neat.

Every single branch had its ornament of snow.

Fence corners were half-buried.

From far, far across the canyon, I spotted a herd of deer. I put the camera on maximum zoom and got this:

Here's the herd, cropped:

Back home, some Christmas lights on snow.

This morning dawned crystal-clear and very, very cold (about 2F). But the sun rising through the trees was incomparable.


  1. Beautiful scenes, thank you for posting them. It looks like a nice powdery snow - do you ski or snowshoe? It also looks very cold...brrrr!

    God sure knew what He was doing when he made limber-limbed trees for snow country.

    Happy New Year to All.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. How absolutely beautiful and peaceful it looks around there !

    Nature likes to change "it's clothes" now and then, and gives everyone a whole new view......

  3. Just beautiful. There is nothing quite like a good snow to cleanse everything and make it all stop in time for an bit.

  4. I love snow, and I love snow pictures. If it's going to be winter, then let it snow, I say! Thankfully, where we live, the snow stays pristine white until the spring thaw and mud come along.

    Great photos!

    Mara :)

  5. Oh, Patrice, you live in paradise. I am sure you already know that, and appreciate it, too. Thank you so much for sharing those photos. I could just imagine taking that walk. Happy New Year, from a Floridian who actually misses snow a bit.
    God bless.