Monday, December 6, 2010

Season's Greedy

On the way to Younger Daughter's fiddle recital in the city last Friday evening, we found ourselves with a little time to kill.  So... we went to a mall.

Malls are rare excursions for us, largely because (a) they're so far away, and (b) they're so useless.  What on earth is there to buy in a mall except clothes?  And since all our clothes come from thrift shops, we never venture elsewhere.

Anyway, it was all dolled up for Christmas, of course.

Younger Daughter was particularly taken with the idea of palm trees - in north Idaho!  (Well, northeast Washington - we were in Spokane.)

Want proof that the Lewis family is nothing but a bunch of country bumpkins?  Older Daughter took one look at this store sign and misread it as "Manure."  True story.


Interesting signage.

But you know the biggest reason we get turned off by malls?  The rampant consumerism.  Oh sure, I realize that's the whole purpose of a mall - to offer places to shop - but when we saw this on a store window, we knew we were in the wrong place.  (It's a bit dark, so click to enlarge.)

"Season's Greedy?"  Now tell me something... Someone had to think of this little slogan.  And someone had to believe this slogan would be attractive enough to draw people into their store.  And their logic is......??


  1. It's our jobs as Christians to help people remember,
    It's not about shopping, the 25th of Demember.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. My typing sucks. -AP

  3. How sad is that? I avoid malls at all costs...they just stress me out and make me cranky. :)

    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. My 7 and 10 year old don't watch TV. Therefore, they don't know about what they are supposed to want for Christmas. So today, we were away from home and had a couple of hours to "kill" before our violin lessons. So we did a little Christmas shopping for Daddy in K-Mart. When we were done, we wandered in the toy department to see if there was anything the kids couldn't live without. It wasn't long before they looked at me with that glazed look in their eyes and said "can you please take up to the library now?" LOVED that!!!

  5. i stopped going to the mall when i discovered they don't sell anything made in the usa..even new balance shoes are made from imported products. if i want a major migraine to happen i guess i could go to the is such a stressful place to be and everyone else there has this pinched stressed look about them.

  6. The husband works as a salesman at a booth in the mall, and some of the stories he comes home with is more than enough to keep me away from there. Not that we go there at all anyway. If it weren't for him working in a mall, we'd never step foot in one.

    But yeah, that 'Season's Greedy' has got to be the lowest point I've ever seen in commercialism for the holidays. A pity really.

  7. I'll bet you ten bucks that the message on the window is not an attempt at cleverness, but the result of our illiterate society.

    I see it all the time - kids write sayings that they've heard, but never seen written. (Because they don't read!)

    For example, "chester draws," instead of "chest of drawers."

    Someone who has heard, "Season's Greetings" spoken but never saw it written, could misinterpret it in this silly way.


  8. Season's greedy is RIGHT!!!!! The "true meaning of christmas" is shopping! We even have a macy's parade on christmas, ...goes to show you! This store got it right. They're just expressing what EVEYONE else does; they're being honest. By the way, jesus was born in April, it's not even his birthday. Dec 25th coincides with the pagan holiday near the winter solstice. it's all a big lie. i prefer to spend not money... but time with my family and friends. they know i love them and i don't have to buy their love.

  9. Season's greedy is right! That' is the true meaning of christmas. Jesus was born in April, btw...

    Just ask the Macy's parade folks...