Friday, December 3, 2010

Random pix

Getting snuggles.

Snow on braches.

Giant mutant postcard Christmas trees.

The turkeys are back.  They hang out in the winter.

You'll notice the turkey on the right has a goiter or something on her throat.  We've seen this bird around for several years, goiter and all.

Lydia sees the turkeys and wants one for a snack.

Swans flying overhead.

Early morning over the butte.

Morning shaft of light on the snow.

Sunrise.  Click on this one to enlarge - it's lovely.

Driving off our property Wednesday morning.  The road was literally invisible.  The snow was ten inches deep.  What fun!

Chickens in the snow.

Matilda and her calf Pearly.  I loved the way this shot turned out.



  1. You could take photos for Hallmark Christmas cards. My favorite one is the first one. It's very insteresting.

    Swans flying overhead, how cool is that?!!!

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. OOPS, the first photo in this series is Lydia. Although she's a lovely dog, I wouldn't want her on my Christmas cards. I meant the first TREE photo is quite interesting and would make a good Hallmark card.

    Lydia - is there a more spoiled Great Pyr in the world? I doubt it! Lucky girl.


  3. your pictures make me so happy- there is just something about your snow covered landscapes with the animals and birds that make me think how peaceful it must be.

  4. Jealous... while we have some snow here today, it's nothing like what you get.

    I want to move out your way :-)