Thursday, November 10, 2011

"You're doing WHAT?"

Don was out feeding the cattle this evening, just as the full moon was rising through the trees.

When the cattle are hungry, they make no bones about it. "MOOOO!!!!" (That's Ruby.) "HONNNKKKKK!!!" (That's Matilda. She sounds like a foghorn.) "MEEEHHHH" (That's Sparky.) "NEEEIIGGHHH!!!!" (That's Brit. Okay, she's not a cow, but you get the idea.)

Inside the house, the phone rang. Older Daughter answered it, determined the call was for Don, and ran the phone out to him just as he was poised to pitch the first flake of hay into the feedboxes for the hungry animals.

He took the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello Mr. Lewis! This is James with, and we want to thank you for renewing your service with us. We were just wondering if there's anything else we might be able to interest you in..."

"Look," said Don. ("MOOOOO!!!! HOONNNNNKKK!!!! MEEEHHH!!!!") "I wish I could talk right now, but I have a whole bunch of cows here who are going to mutiny if I don't get them fed." ("MOOOOO!!!! HOONNNNNKKK!!!! MEEEHHH!!!!") "So thank you very much, we love GoDaddy, thanks for calling, goodbye!"

"Um...uh, goodbye..."

I'm guessing that is an excuse James with doesn't hear every day of the week.


  1. GoDaddy is cheap, but they are also very immoral. Their ads are super suggestive and perverted. I know that a lot of Christians are bailing on them, including the company for which I work. In fact, Wired recently ran an article about Christians leaving GoDaddy.

  2. GoDaddy has such nasty ads on TV, not sure what the company even does, just know I want no part of it. Wish I had some cows to help with telemarketers!!!

  3. Wasn't the moon just beautiful last night? My youngest son ( 19) came running in after locking the girls up in the coop and asked for the camera . He was out there quite a while taking pictures of it.... must admit, they came out nice :)

  4. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. I love these photos.

    Brit's gorgeous even while eating.

    As for go-daddy, we too find their ads to be coarse and in too many cases vulgar. We avoid them.

    A. McSp

  6. I know this is a pretty old post I'm responding to, but I just started reading your blog, and thought I'd point out a recent go-daddy development.

    They were fully supporting SOPA and PIPA, two bills that would give the U.S. Government full power to shut down many websites (probably including this one. Even if you never posted anything copyrighted by someone else, if a comment or link to a site that did, poof). This is not only horrible for what it would do to the internet, but it's also highly unconstitutional and the bills themselves are based off of the "Great Firewall of China" method of controlling the internet. The have the TV and Radio taken care of with the new National Emergency Broadcast System, now they want control over the Internet too.

  7. Oops... Got carried away and forgot the other part about go-daddy. They did end up withdrawing support for the bills, but only after the "Dump Go-Daddy Day" was organized in protest. In other words, to save their own butts.