Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No more disciplined warriors

I picked this off of SurvivalBlog tonight. Read it, then read it again, and once more again. When it starts to sink in, you'll realize what a scary concept this is.

"The disciplined warrior, made irrelevant by mechanized war, disdained and abandoned by the high-tech culture, is fading in American men. The fading of the warrior contributes to the collapse of society. A man who cannot defend his own space cannot defend women and children. The poisoned warriors called drug lords prey primarily for recruits on kingless, warriorless boys." - Robert Bly in Iron John, 1990


  1. Patrice: Sad state of affairs. However, having a son who as of today is retired from more than 20 years of military service, I still have faith that the greater majority of Americans will still stand and fight not only for our own families and personal interests, but for the good of all people. As a wife, mother, grandmother who is personally armed and trained, I will stand next to any man to protect our freedoms. Not only for my love of family but love of America. Marion

  2. Upon deeper reading it certainly has a lot of merits. The disappearance of "the man" in American society is having a major impact. It is time for the men of America to stand up and say that it is not going to happen on my watch. We must ensure that in our house holds the model of a Godly man is represented. Only the resurgence of Godly warriors will we correct he trend.

  3. I see two different truths here, but are they really connected? Poisoned warriors and easy prey have perhaps always existed. However the fading of disciplined American warriors has skyrocketed in the last 50 years.

    Technology (such as drones) will play an ever increasing role in this decline in the future. But to date, I believe the failed feminist movement had the greatest negative effect. First of all, it feminized men. Secondly, look at all the women who are actually offended by the thought that they might need a man to protect them. If you doubt this, ask any man in their 50s or 60s who wants to remarry and is looking for a traditional woman.

    Fading disciplined warriors are mostly about supply and demand. There is little demand, and thus little suppy. Montana Guy

  4. I have to agree somewhat with anonymous: there has not been a demand for warrior men, and as there are fewer and fewer, there is no one to train the next generation of warriors.
    Being married to a warrior (literally) I cannot fathom what women, employers or society sees in girly-men. I want to know that in a crisis (whatever it may be) there is going to be a man strong enough and brave enough to get me through it (or at least try).

  5. I don't buy it-there are still plenty of disciplined guys. It's just that they don't make it a point to draw attention to themselves, and seldom get noticed.

  6. C. S. Lewis - the Abolition of Man. No further comment required.

  7. A soldier fights on the whim of generals and politicians, whether the fight is right or wrong. A Warrior fights for ideals, defends our nation against enemies both foreign and domestic, and protects the loved ones in his or her life. Look through our history and compare apples and oranges. More succinctly, Washington and obama. I think we all get the drift of where our nation is heading. Time for Patriots and Warriors to step forward.
    Had Enuff

  8. HadEnuff makes a point, but loses it by NOT capitalizing the name of our current president.

    Perhaps some of the reasons he was voted in were the bases for this argument. The office deserves respect, and he only has another year - then we get to choose a new president.

    The nation appears to be on a Port tack. Starboard would be an improvement, but in the long run, those of us in the retired category need to be considering a little discipline as well. Anger to the point of not showing respect in our speech is not a way to win over younger members of our society - and our nation.

    OUR children are next up. If only ALL our sons were warriors, and all our daughters maidens.

  9. Mr. Cachet:
    Considering the sitting president has disrespected the office numerous times in a three year period, obama does not deserve my respect. Respect is earned, never given, and when a weak leader continuously disrespects our nation, its people, allies, and the American way of life he is lucky to still be in office and not impeached or jailed. He has turned the office of into a three ring circus. Gov. Christie asked a very pertinent question when he asked why in the hell are we paying him for. I can say this with much certainty and my position is shared by many others. I would not urinate on him if he was on fire. If you cannot feel anger over the way he has mired us in increasing debt, countless "police actions" worldwide, neglecting the border just to name a few than perhaps you need a reality check and see what kind of mettle you have. It is long past the time of political correctness that is killing our people and soldiers not to mention the spirit of our nation. Yes Mr. Cachet I am not a nice person, especially when I see my nation being deep sixed by a permanent political class hell bent of selfish gains and not on the betterment of our nation as their duty is duly described. You allude to a retirement category. Are you a person whose sight does not extend far with your limited time left to put up with the situation? I have a few years left til I hope to retire before these pols steal what I have earned by years of hard work . I want to reverse the tend of leaving the nation worse off than when my generation inherited it.

  10. Anon - Did your parents have to EARN your respect?

    I did not say that President Obama deserved respect, I said THE OFFICE deserves respect. I don't know where you come from, who you are or where you've been. I can tell from your speech that you are an angry man, and someone who wishes to express themselves anonymously. As for who I am, I have a blog and a Google profile with the name listed under this comment.

    As for how much time I have left, I'm WORKING on a second career, and I don't appreciate any more than you do that we've let the fox into our hen house. I can't retire. Retirement income doesn't support even the meager lifestyle to which my spouse and I subscribe.

    You could try becoming a "nice person", and someone to whom others will listen - with respect.

    My one and only suggestion would be that you consider toning down the rhetoric and set a better example (i.e., earn the respect) of the young people in our society. Or not. Your choice. Your argument is gaining no truck with me.

  11. Nice try Mr. Cachet. Bringing my folks in this is to me a personal afront. Something lowbrow from such a "nice" person like yourself. I have never had to question the integrity of my parents to deny respect. Bestowing respect to someone who has not earned it is fool hearty at best.
    I am well aware of the difference between the high office and a clown, so please do not patronize me. He has made the office a laughingstock worldwide. Tyranny only acquires respect through force. Something the White house has been doing for years. So in reality you only respect the office because of the threat of force and thus give it lip service.
    Let me clear this up, I never solicited any advice or suggestions from you to begin with. Perhaps you can write an advice column of proper political and personal bashing. Maybe if you were a little less prim and proper and more aggressive we would not be up to our neck in gators at this time. Political correctness is now forcing Americans to take action and may lead us into the quagmire of civil unrest and possibly war. Our last Civil war was anything but.
    I also have a google profile and I too can blog. Are these two things supposed to inspire awe or maybe respect? Again,you lost that when you brought my family into this. For your info, no one is anonymous on the net. If you think you are you are only fooling yourself. As far as I now anyone landing on this IP address may be labeled a terrorist.
    Lastly, how do you not that I an not really a nice person? It is the sprectre of cleaning up the mess of spineless individuals who have failed to monitor the advance of tyranny that has gotten my hackles raised. The only rhetoric I have noticed is the crap you dish out. Actions speak much louder than words.

    Had Enuff

  12. Had Enuff. Post using something other than an anonymous handle and I'll pay you a visit. You're still angry.