Monday, November 28, 2011

Moving to Montana

A reader sent this hilarious YouTube clip called So You Want to Live in Montana?

Did you know there are no paved roads in Montana? Or electricity?


  1. As someone who has lived in Montana...this video gave me the giggles! I lived 41 miles from the nearest town and had the joy of seeing 14 inches of snow when I woke up on Mothers Day! I've thrown rocks at beavers, ate venison, milked a cow, rode horse...but, sadly, never got to see the Abominable Snowman!

  2. This video is all true, so think twice if you want to move here!......Denise

  3. What a laugh! My wife Deb's mother's side of our family are all either from Montana or still live there. Deb's mom was born in Helena and lived there until she was a teen-ager. She says it really does get chillingly cold there, but probably no more so than in north Idaho, I'll bet! So, we'll need a "buttload of candles and matches" to get through the nights if we move there because there's no electricity? Wait a minute... "Marrying a cousin"? I thought this was Montana, not Arkansas! Oh, that's the next option... hehehe...
    --Fred & Deb in AZ

  4. An Oklahoma nurse friend and her husband went to live in New York City for him to work on a second law degree. "Educated" New Yorker's asked if they had lived in a teepee. Then they wanted to know had they ever seen an Indian up close and if they had electricity yet. Of course, how else could they play the slots at the Indian run casino's?!

    Each region gets its own stereotyping. Thanks for the laugh.


    Every once in a while, I need to let loose on a good belly laugh. It's good for the soul, it refreshes the mind and it burns 100 calories off the body.

    Just Me

  6. The same could be said of the place both sides of my family come from-Eastern kentucky..except there is electricity(gotta have power for that 50" flatscreen),and I haven't seen any Abominable Snowman(tho' that would be cool).
    I think Montana might be kinda fun...