Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random pix

I've been so busy writing lately that I haven't taken the time to post any of the photos that I've accumulated over the last couple of weeks. So without further ado...

Turkeys crossing a street in Coeur d'Alene. Lots of turkeys. To my way of thinking, this is the best place to be, so close to Thanksgiving. You can't hunt within city limits!

Speaking of Coeur d'Alene, I spotted this glorious tree of yellow and stopped to take photos.

These magnificent oaks are in a Coeur d'Alene park.

Chickens in the barn.

Rooster Snap in all his glory.

A chipmunk on a roll of fencing... in the knowledge that Lydia (the white blob of fur in the background) can't get to it.

A cool carving in a vet's office, made from a single burl.

As the parents of daughters, Don and I appreciated this bumper sticker.

The view from down by the lake. Man, I love fall colors.

All those beautiful leaves!

A couple of kids riding in the back of a truck. They were having the time of their life.

I passed this fellow in town the other day, and it suddenly dawned on me how different life is in a small town in Idaho. If someone in New York City were to walk down the street with a rifle slung on his back, what do you suppose would happen to him? Here, it's no big deal. Shrug.

Another not-atypical Idaho site: goats in the back of a truck, pulled up to a restaurant drive-through. Well, why not?

Matilda eating some grain. The chickens were very interested.

A shaft of sunlight brightens a larch branch...

...and a single leaf.

Deer grazing.


  1. Beautiful - thanks for posting these.

  2. Lol - I'm pretty sure if anyone around here tried to walk down the street with a rifle or put goats in the back of their truck there'd be mass panic or calls to animal control.

    Thanks for sharing - such beautiful pictures!

  3. those turkeys are some right smart birds!

  4. My kids used to ride around in the back of pickup trucks~~~~gasp~~~~ without a seatbelt even! I love the eclecticness of rurality.... you never know what you might see in the back of a pickup truck!

  5. These pics make me start dreaming...

    Job's nice...but miss home 2500 miles and a different world away.

    You live far enough into the city you're not chasing elk out of your yard?

  6. Patrice, I always look forward to your collection of random pics. Your pictures are proof that Idaho is but a few steps away from heaven! keep em coming....
    Had Enuff

  7. I love all of your photos, but I am particularly fond of the bumper sticker. Could I add that to my Facebook page?

  8. As a family with 3 Daughters the bumper sticker had me laughing! LOVE all the fall photo's, thanks for sharing

  9. Thank you for posting the beautiful fall foliage photos. It is one of the things I truly miss (the other is blooming forsythia in the spring) living here in Florida.

  10. Oh my! I did a double take on the photo of the man with the rifle; he looks almost exactly like my dad! My dad has that shirt, wears his pants like that, same color belt, baseball cap, everything except the grey hair! (And yes, he would walk down the street carrying a rifle.)