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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lydia pix

My cold is much better (thank you for all your well wishes!) and I'm feeling pleased that I've successfully completed Day Two's writing quota for NaNoWriMo.

Anyone needing a Lydia fix? I've accrued a few darned cute photos of her that I thought would be fun to post.

Barking on a foggy morning.

She has grown her usual cadre of thick winter fur.

So why does a dog with four inch thick fur insist on curling around the woodstove?

Easy livin'...

Unbelievably easy livin'.

A dear friend thinks bulldogs are the pinnacle of canine perfection. Me? I'll opt for a Great Pyrenees.


  1. Love your Pyrenees! We have two and a half Pyrenees half Antonia Shepherd. Love them and they are wonderful guardian dogs for the goats. I think Lydia looks so content, especially in the chair. LOL

  2. Love the Lydia pictures.

  3. I noticed your wood stove. I just bought a stove the other day that the guy told me was a parlor stove. It looks possibly to be just about the same as yours. I have tried to do some searching online about it but I cannot find anything. Would you consider doing a stove post on how you assembled yours. If you used cement on the joints. If you think there are better models and how the wood consumption is. Thanks.
    Mine says "Taiwan" on the back.

    A. Jones florida

  4. I can't believe Lydia can still get in that dang chair! Too Funny!!!

  5. Oh I would love to give her a hug. I would spoil her to pieces. : )

  6. Love our Great Pyr-they are really special dogs!

  7. Looks like we know who REALLY runs the household now! ;) Sometimes I think that I'm the pet in my house! In some ways our pets have it better than we do! :) I wouldn't have it any other way!

  8. Whadda face! Just melts your heart. (Nothing sweeter than a sleeping dog, except a sleeping baby!) --Fred & Deb

  9. That picture where is is practically falling out of the chair is unbelievably adorable! I've never gone for a specific breed of dog so I can't say what I think is the "pinnacle of canine perfection" but I do pretty much think they are all cute. :D

  10. I have to disagree I think Basset Hounds are the best. Though they are not very intimidating they have the howl to scare off intruders. Mine has chased several salesmen off the porch with one howl. But they also can sleep 18 hours a day so i guess thats a down side.

  11. Lydia, would you be willing to fill in for your mom while she writes her Great American Novel? How about writing about life on the farm from your perspective? If you won the lottery, would you buy a larger chair? Maybe your own woodstove? A year's supply of doggie jerky? Does the rooster laugh at you when you bark?

    I'm asking a dog about the lottery?!! OK, it's official....I've lost my grip on reality.

    Anonymous Patriot

  12. We have a Leonberger, a breed that was created long ago from Newfoundlands, St. Bernards and Great Pyrenees. It's funny, I can definitely see the similarity in our dog & Lydia. They have very similar faces & doggie expressions!

  13. We love our Beauceron and our Australian Shepherd... we also have a mutt who is turning out to be quite the little dog. But we've always been interested in the Pyr and the Newfie. And I thought Aussies had a lot of fur?! :) I think all in all.. I'm an "Aussie Person" personally. Do you also prepare for your pets? Like buy and store dry dog food? Or do they have a different diet?