Monday, November 28, 2011

A few random thoughts

A few things have caught my attention lately that I thought I would combine into a single blog post.

Tim Tebow
I'm not a football fan. Neither is my husband. The sport absolutely leaves me cold. But I must admit, I'm delighted with Tim Tebow's "buck the system" approach to the game. Not only is this young man a devout Christian, but he isn't fazed by the good-natured and not-so-good-natured teasing and heckling he gets about "Tebowing."

And darn it, he's a GOOD football player. As in, incredible. That's what annoys the hecklers the most.

Keep it up, Tim -- even non-football fans are rooting for you.

Black Friday from the Trenches
I have a friend who works in a large department store, specifically the fragrance department. She was required to report to work on Thanksgiving evening since the store was opening at midnight.

Here's what she wrote about her experience:

Yup, I'm alive. I survived black Friday.

It was simply stunning to me at midnight when all of us [department store] associates were ready for the doors to be opened and there were actually people, hundreds of them waiting to come in the store AT MIDNIGHT ON TURKEY DAY!!!! I was thinking: "Are all you people nuts??? Apparently not.

Because they spent like drunken sailors. Where is all this money coming from? Who knows??? I personally sold over $1600 today during my 11:30pm to 9:30 am shift.

Honestly unless I hadn't already experienced it I would never known we were in a virtual depression in this country! If I was Jim (her outspoken husband) I'd be having a soapbox moment. I'm just too tired. I got home from work at 10:15am and was fast asleep by 10:30 easy. Got up at 2 and tried to pretend it was a normal day.

Passing on the Baton
In response to a blog post called Preserving the Work of Five Millennia, a young homeschooling mom named Sara wrote me the following email. I was so delighted with the idea of this woman passing the baton of knowledge to neighborhood kids -- a true Titus 2 woman -- that I thought I'd pass it on to you.

My 6 year old home schooled daughter, Ella, wanted to start a club. So, we spent some time brainstorming and this is what we came up with: Ella's Edible Club. Several of her friends come over once a quarter and they learn how to make something from scratch. Ella had the idea to make food based on seasons.

We met for the first time in October and made small pumpkin pies and applesauce. Several of the girls had never cracked an egg much less mold a pie crust in to a pan. They did not realize that you could make your own applesauce. We all live in a suburb of Houston, Texas and are far removed from the food chain. None of her friends home school and most of their moms make cookies with frozen pre-sliced cookie dough. They all had a great time and we able to take their goodies home to share with their families.

Other items that I will be teaching them are making your own hot cocoa mix, Christmas finger food type dessert (good to give away as gifts), sugar cookies decorated with icing, pick strawberries and make jam, and bread (no mixers involved). That should get us through the summer.

It's the little things that we contribute to society -- like this mom's efforts to teach other children that food doesn't grow in grocery stores -- that is our culture's salvation.

Good for you, Sara! Keep it up.


  1. We are Christians who live in Colorado and are HUGE Denver Bronco fans. When Tim Tebow came to Denver we could not have been more excited! He is the best roll model my kids could have (besides their dad of course!) and for the first time, we've been praying for a football player. Not that he win, but that God uses him and continues to bless him in any endeavor he chooses to pursue. He really is a modest and humble young man. It sure does rile us up that he is such a polarizing figure. Liberals sure hate an outspoken Christian, not to mention one that wins!

  2. We DO love football, and we've been following Tim Tebow's progress since he was drafted into the NFL. Right off the bat, when "the hateful ones" (AKA "liberals" or "progressives") heard Tim was a Christian they began their attacks. When they heard he was going to do a short commercial during the Super Bowl with his mom about being thankful she didn't abort him, they thrashed around and gnashed their teeth like a bunch of ravenous sharks! They claimed he was taking advantage of his mother, that he was demeaning her. Yet not a word was spoken by them about the Betty White commercial during the same Super Bowl, where she was tackled and taken down by a bunch of big linemen! Such hypocrisy! Tim Tebow is going to be a great quarterback in the NFL, we're certain of it. We just thank God that the Broncos owner and coaches don't listen to the liberal liars and have given him the chance he deserves. Liberals did the same thing to Aaron Rodgers, you know. They tried their best to demean him and turn everyone against him. He has now lead his team, the Green Bay Packers, on a 17 game winning streak, as well as won the last Super Bowl!
    --Fred & Deb in AZ

  3. Gotta agree on the Tebow comments--we live in Denver and don't follow football, but Tebow has rocked the metro Denver area. We are grateful for his boldness. BTW the Broncos are not at all settled on Tebow as their long-term QB choice. I get the impression they will cut him loose the first chance they get, and not because of his football skillz.

  4. And Tebow was a homeschooler from my state of Florida. How 'bout that?

  5. Tim Tebow seems too good and nice, like there is something totally crazy being hidden somewhere. Then again I am a pessimist and pretty paranoid.

  6. As a avid Chiefs fan I really dislike the Broncos. As a Christian I am a sister in Christ to Tim Tebow and pray for his success - in life, not just on the field. I told my husband this past week that I hope and pray our Chiefs could pick up Tebow. If we start winning it will be welcomed. If we kept on losing then nothing will have changed other than knowing we have a wonderful young man as our QB. (I would be just as happy if Tebow went to the Houston Texans my other favorite team!) There is a interview of Tebow and Skip Bayless. It floors me the way this young man holds his own and gives glory to our Saviour. God bless Tim Tebow, not because he plays football but because he is a man after God's own heart. That is what God wants from us after all, is it not?

    Ouida Gabriel