Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Did you know that the "First Thanksgiving in 1621 celebrated abundance and friendship with everything tasty and wonderful the participants could gather in one place. It has been so ever since"...?

Neither did I.

But such is the politically correct nonsense being spouted these days about this most wonderful of holidays.

The linked column is certainly nice and pleasant, but it forgets one extremely important factor; namely...


Yummy food is all well and good, and I'm grateful for it. But -- hello? -- Thanksgiving is a weeee bit more than just yummy food and the gathering of friends and family.

It is -- hello? -- a day of offering thanks to the Almighty for providing us with the freedoms of this nation that allow us to have abundant food. Such freedoms and such abundance do not exist in many other places around the globe.

"Today the whole notion of Thanksgiving has been dumbed down to little more than multicultural gibberish," says Joseph Farah.

I'm thankful we can be thankful to Whom it counts.

A joyous and blessed Thanksgiving to you all.


  1. I was going to post a link to a great little article on the true history of Thanksgiving, but it seems your commenting system won't let me include a link.

    To get there (worth it), google 'Thanksgiving Hoax'. It should be the first result, by Richard J. Maybury at

    I'm forever amazed at how lessons that were so hard won, must be learned again and again, even 400 years later.

  2. Eric...amazing article.
    God Bless free enterprise.
    God Bless America.