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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An award. I think.

I was notified in October that I won a "Top 50 Author Award" sponsored by the Idaho Book Extravaganza.

While I don't mean to negate the honor of receiving this award, I confess I wonder just how many authors are in Idaho at all. With our relatively low population, we're not exactly known as a hotbed of literary accomplishment. If there are 51 authors, then being one of the "top 50" just doesn't seem as impressive, you know what I mean?

Since I was required to be at the ceremony in Boise (a fourteen-hour drive away) in order to pick up my award (or alternately, I could pick it up in person the following Monday), I'm afraid this award is rather academic.

Nonetheless, I would like to thank the Idaho Book Extravaganza for this honor.

And I suppose it's something I can always stick on the ol' résumé...

UPDATE: Reader Nutotopia found the list of authors here. Thanks Nutotopia!


  1. Actually, I would assume a bunch of authors would live there. After all, if your job is something you can do from anywhere that has mail service (and "author" is pretty much the pinnacle of that pyramid), then why not live someplace like Idaho?

    It's really only the economic need to continue interfacing regularly with a proper city in order to maximize our value to humanity that keeps the rest of us from moving there. So I'd expect places like Idaho to have (at least on a relative basis) an overabundance of folks in any line of work that isn't as bound by geography as are most ways of earning a living.

  2. I took a few pictures a while back and sent them in to a contest. A couple of months later it was told that I won an award. Then came to cost to attend the awards dinner, engraving fee, cost for a copy of the book that my picture was going to be put in....... good luck. Just check on the organization and see if they are really legit

  3. I suppose authors aren't evenly distributed across the country-it could be Idaho has far more than you think-maybe 25% of the population are authors. Either way, you won an award-something to take a little pride in.Congratulations!

  4. 14 hours? Gad, Patrice, are the roads all dirt between you and Boise? I could be wrong, but don't you live just a bit south of Coeur d'Alene? You'd probably be taking 95 most of the way, right? I calculate the trip to be a little less than 300 miles, so even poking along at 30 mph you should make the trip in 10 hours, but no doubt you'd be going faster than that. Unless the roads are covered with snow. Then you probably shouldn't go. In any case, congratulations on the award!

  5. Patrice,
    If this is legit, it would be worthwhile to request the names of the other 49 top winners just to have the networking potential with other writers. 50 like-minded, conservative writers publishing from one state, can be a very powerful and constructive tool.



    Patrice, the winning authors names are found at the above address in a news release letter.