Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Citadel

It’s been all over the news lately: The Citadel, a planned walled community of like-minded Patriots to be built somewhere in the mountains of Idaho.

Recently (Jan 12 2013) it was even the top headline on The Drudge Report, linked to this article.

The Citadel is a “community of liberty” being planned for some remote location of the American Redoubt. And – you guessed it – this remote location happens to be in our backyard.

According to their official website, the Citadel is “evolving as a planned community where residents are bound together by:

• Patriotism
• Pride in American exceptionalism
• Our proud history of Liberty as defined by our Founding Fathers, and
• Physical preparedness to survive and prevail in the face of natural catastrophes — such as Hurricanes Sandy or Katrina — or man-made catastrophes such as a power grid failure or economic collapse.”
(I’ll just point out that hurricanes are nonexistent in north Idaho. To be fair, however, we do get blizzards, earthquakes, and wildfires.)

To read through The Citadel’s website makes it seem as if they’re planning to build a walled fortress with Medieval-style towers, courtyards, and arrow-slits. The website says, “At the moment, the Citadel intends to purchase between 2,000 and 3,000 acres. Of that, 640-1,280 acres are to be walled-in (minimum one square mile). Plot sizes for the leases inside the walls will be no more than 1 acre for home sites, and larger lots will be available outside the walls. Inside the walls will be more urban/city/town, and outside the walls will be more rural/farmland.”

You can’t own private property in The Citadel. Approved applicants “receive a Lifetime Lease (paid off in only 30 years).” So what happens after thirty years? Personally after paying something off for thirty years, I’d really like to OWN it. But there’s no private property inside those walls.

Again according to the website, “One of the primary reasons for a lease paradigm versus private property inside the walls is our desire to make the community for Patriots only. The model will be similar in many ways to that of Disneyland. It is walled, gated, private property with controlled access. People pay to enter and agree to the rules because they see value in doing so. It is all based on a voluntary agreement between the owners of the property and those who want to come inside. Millions of people visit Disneyland and interact peacefully. It's exceptionally rare to hear of any serious problems. The key is that those people want to be there and understand what is expected of them. Surprisingly similar to what we are doing.”

In other words, this isn’t a free-hold. In some ways, to me at least, this seems more like modern-day feudalism in which inhabitants must obey the Citadel’s rules. Presumably the Citadel “corporation” will own the land. And who owns the corporation? Who’s living in the castle in the middle? Just asking.

I can’t take particular issue with the concept of The Citadel, I suppose. It’s just that I don’t like planned anything, whether it’s planned health care or a planned economy or a planned community. These are all plans made by other people, and the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, leaving you (as often as not) more fettered and frustrated than free.

So how does our local county feel about The Citadel? There have been newspaper articles about it, and the overall impression is a reluctant tolerance.

Truth be told, it’s something of a regional embarrassment, the nagging feeling that the rest of the nation will (as usual) regard Idaho as a collection of tinfoil-hat-wearing nutjobs holing up in the mountains against an economic collapse. One thing's for sure, there is no community-wide welcoming sign for the concept. While our county has reasonably relaxed building regulations, it’s not the place of anarchy some people would like to think, and The Citadel will find itself subject to all the rules and regulations everyone else must obey. If participants in the Citadel think they’re going to find the mythical western frontier where they are not bound by any laws except their own, they’re in for a surprise.

There have been some concerns about the moral turpitude of the Citadel's operators. I know nothing about these issues and can't comment one way or the other. All I'm saying is there are unanswered questions out there. I do know that any presumed association with SurvivalBlog has been denied.

Personally I don’t see The Citadel ever coming to fruition. Where on earth are they going to find 2000 to 3000 empty acres that are even remotely farmable? Tracts that large are usually Forest Service or private logging company land that is heavily wooded, extremely steep, or otherwise not suited to long-term agrarian sustainability.

I might be surprised. I could get proved entirely wrong. Maybe the Citadel will turn out to be the greatest success since… um… since sliced bread. But this smacks of trying to force community. I suspect it will attract people who are too scared to step out on their own, who want some major hand-holding in their search for a prepared life, who want someone to tell them what to do, and who are willing to fork over substantial sums of money for something they’ll never own for the privilege.

And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. It’s just not right for me.


  1. I had read about this in the past and was somewhat skeptical. The whole plan sounds kind of "Utopian".

    1. Nothing bad may never happen but, if on the outside chance something of that nature does happen and you're staving and freezing in the dark, we will think of you.

  2. I understand why they want to do it, but the concept is just as Communist as the ideas our government is coming up with! Pay for property and then share with others? If it is a planned community, "someone" is doing the planning. What will they plan next? A much better idea is to stay on the outside and fight for our freedoms.

  3. It certainly takes all kinds of people.

    I believe I will stay just where I am.

  4. I also read the site with great scepticism. It just doesn't sound like a workable concept. The general idea of 3500 families on 3000 acres, especially during stressful times, just seems a little crowded to me. Kinda like the cities we're all trying to distance our places from. I'll pass. I hope for your sake, others will be enlightened enough to do the math and pass, too.

  5. It sounds too communal. Might as well be in one of those associations with all the rules and vote on what you can and cannot do. A loose affiliation of like minded people that benefits and protects the individual is more my to my liking. I think they call it a Republic.


  6. I was wondering if you were ever going to post about this. I spent several summers working for the forest service in the St. Joe Forest and was all over that area and was wondering exactly how they were going to pull off this huge walled complex with all the farmland and such. With all the steep mountains, just doesn't seem all too feasible. Really I'm surprised they aren't trying to do this in southern Idaho where land is cheap and its at least flat and more easy to farm, although I doubt they'd be really accepted there either. To me I always thought this sounded more like a cult, given you have to follow such strict rules to live there and basically bow down to the authorities.

  7. Judging from this guy's past I would say this sounds pretty scammeriffic. An easy score to capitalize on all the Doomsday Prepper wanna-be's that haven't done their homework. Collect a chunk of membership fees, lease down payments and then march off on a few acres witht he "intention" of expansion...I'll bet the agreement has some very lawyeristic terms outlined...call me a pesimist.

  8. Judging from the guy's past this sounds pretty scameriffic to me. Collect a bunch of down-payments, membership fees, lease agreements and march off to a few across with the "intention" of expanding some day. I'll bet the lease agreement contains some very "lawyeristic" term verbage...call me skeptical.

  9. I was also wondering when you would write about this, since you do live in Idaho. I see all the opinions and concerns listed above, which are mostly negative. So let me take you through the logic of someone (me) who plans to do business there and live there (at least part time). This will sound familiar Ms. Lewis, I now live in California. I hate it - except for the weather.
    I'm the only one in my neighborhood with chickens and raised vegetable gardens in my small backyard. Not a blade of grass to be found. If I have extra I dry and can. I brew my own beer, I reload my own ammunition. You see I want to be as self sufficient as possible, just like most of the folks who read your blog. I'm stuck in a corporate job that I hate, but can't find a way out of and still support my family (collage age kids and all that).

    So, I'm trying to establish that I'm just a normal guy, not a wacko, not a cult member. I hope I did that to some extent.

    The Citadel. Even I find the wall thing a little funky, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Anyway, if you are going to build a factory or a gun shop or whatever, why not hire people who have the same beliefs - hard work, freedom, rightful liberty? Those people will need houses, food, entertainment - it creates a business environment, which is a big reason I'll be going. What the Citadel is not, is a commune. There are no free rides, it's intended to be a capitalist, pro-business endeavor. It's also not intended to be self sufficient food-wise, but there are some folks who want to grow organic produce to sell to the residents.
    This Citadel is intended to be a safe place IF there is some sort of collapse and .gov loses control.
    This reply ended up longer than anticipated, I hope I didn't break some sort of blogging etiquette. Thanks for reading.

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  12. Part III

    I can tell you that numerous NGOs are monitoring this project along with the government agencies. More disclosures will be published soon.

    I forgot to mention that Kerodin is part of the group of, originally three – T.L. Davis, “Pete @ WRSA” and Kerodin -- who met to discuss the III Congress, a III Percenter’s ‘Continental Congress” that would take over after the civil war.

    I believe both meetings were unsuccessful due to the fact that T.L. Davis did not believe for the unjustifiable extermination of all ‘undesirables’ as “Pete” and Kerodin do. Now Kerodin is trying to get his Congress up and running by himself with the help of his proxies around the country. If he manages to create the biggest militia in the US – 7000 armed wo/men in Idaho with their own firearms and ammo factory, he will be the leader of the ‘future America.’ Scary thought.

    My interest in this affair is simple. I did not wear the uniform of the IDF as a volunteer and Magen David (in addition to serving my own country) to see what happened in Europe to take place here in the U.S. I’ve seen the death camps and the tattoos in the arms of my best friend’s parents. That is enough for me to fight this threat. I’m certain Idaho has had enough fascists for a lifetime.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my long letter.

    Feel free to contact me for any further information.


    Tino Feld

    P.S. What saddens me the most as a veteran, is the fact that numerous ex-SOF veterans – from SEALs to Delta Force to Green Beret to Ranger -- actively support the felon Kerodin and his project, while training militias of all kinds around the country. To name a few:

    - http://www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com/links.htm Matt Bracken
    - http://mountainguerrilla.wordpress.com/ “John Mosby”
    - http://thelizardfarmer.wordpress.com/
    - http://sfmedic.blogspot.com/ of the http://alamancerangers.wordpress.com militia
    - http://guerrillamerica.com/

    P.S. S. If you want to confirm my allegations of the ‘final solution’ by Kerodin and his cohorts, you can simply browse his blogs or maybe read a few months worth hate:

    - http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/2013/01/in-absence-of-orders-go-find-something.html

    In the absence of orders, go find something evil and kill it.

    I borrowed the title from WASA. [WRSA - http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com “Pete”]

    I think you will see this phrase again on this blog.

    If we are Citizen Soldiers, a Leaderless entity, or small groups of Patriots who have installed a command structure among themselves, but otherwise answer to no central command, then it is incumbant upon each of us to shoulder our portion of the burden and act independantly.

    In the absence of orders, go find something evil and kill it.

    You'll know when. You already know who. You should know where they are in your AO.

    You know what is Evil.

    You know what it is going to take to backfist the Tyrants out of our lives for the next few generations. Fight to the knife, and knife to the hilt...

    Standing Orders: In the absence of orders, go find something evil and kill it.



    Killin' Commies: 2013

    1. Mr. Feld --

      I believe that you attribute way too much support for the Citadel project and the folks behind it by the group you classify as; "...the fact that numerous ex-SOF veterans – from SEALs to Delta Force to Green Beret to Ranger -- actively support the felon Kerodin and his project, while training militias of all kinds around the country."

      Most of the community you mention are basically neutral on the project based on merits and personnel. While they provide support and encouragement for all patriot/liberty groups, they generally don't provide any more or any less for this group.

      For example, from John Mosby, the Mountain Guerrilla (one of the best trainers, at least mentally I've seen based on my background -- I'm way too damn old to attend one of his physical classes!) we have this quote:

      "I’ve done a damned fine job of staying out of the internecine politics that seem to rampage this community, other than my well-known disgust towards racists. So, I’m going to say this one last time, then leave it the f**k alone again. (my edit of the "F-Bomb!)

      I do not have any investment, financial or otherwise, in the Citadel project. I don’t know if it can/will succeed or not. Having breached walled compounds, and being a pretty damned good mortar man, I PERSONALLY think the whole wall thing is silly. That having been said….

      I wholeheartedly support, 100% plus, the idea of like-minded people, dedicated to a common set of goals and beliefs, building a community, wherever they feel comfortable doing so. As I’ve stated previously, I don’t agree with everything that the Citadel folks say, but I do agree with a lot of what they say also."


      Careful in your efforts to expose something or someone you feel isn't kosher to not drag other people into the fight that have expressly stated they are essentially neutral.

  13. The idea that you pay for 30 years and only have a lease bothers me. Seems like the concerns that is supposed to cover could be better handled through an HOA style agreement that still respects (some) property rights.

    Wish them the best but not for me.

  14. Ordered a KaBar knife from these folks. Total ripoff. Scammed me long enough to take my money, never shipped a thing.

    1. Boat Guy - send me your paypal ID number or something, all KA-BAR orders have shipped except 3 that remain backordered from KA-BAR in New York - and of course you know you can get your money back directly from paypal if there is a dispute.

      I've seen no email from PayPal, and this is the first I have heard of your problem. If you are legit, send me the info.


  15. Wow - Tino sure has me living rent-free in his head, eh? Tino, just how many meds are you refusing to take, anyway?

    Your "facts" are all over the place, but I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out which are real and which are your own dreams.

    You and I will have a talk about my wife if you ever have the courage to meet me instead of running off at the keyboard. I'll be at King's Mountain with TL on April 19th, if you'd care to show up and answer for your mouth.

    But you won't show. Cowards never show.


  16. Hmm, is it just me, or is The Hunger Games Trilogy finally coming to life? Just sayin'.


  17. Besides the fact that the head of this outfit (Kerodin) doesn't pass the smell test, I don't like living in HOA's (Home Owner's Associations). Did it once never again.
    Also in planning defenses for any community I plan on being a part of, would not include medieval defenses. We used to call static defenses like these D.I.P. defenses (Die in Place). People always want to fight battles with old technology. If this thing get's off the ground don't think for a second that it's ground coordinates aren't locked in on someone's targeting system.
    Stay mobile. Stay alive.

    1. Who do you think the Citadel will be fighting if there is going to be any fighting? It won't be .gov or .mil, it's not a suicide bunker. More likely we'll be fighting you after you've exhausted your supplies and want ours. The design can handle that kind of defense, easily.

    2. Not necessarily. If it's just a scavenger based composite of roving exiles seeking to gather/steal whatever they can, regardless of how armed, a static defense will most likely be sufficient.

      However, if it's a disciplined group of either trained and disciplined well armed (guns, explosives, mortars, etc.) survivors looking for resupply, or a neighboring militia not happy with their neighbors and trained under the tutelage of former spec ops veterans who have ample live experience in breaching walls and destroying some of the best designed DIPs, a walled fortress makes as much sense as clustering school kids in a locked room to keep them safe --it just creates a killing field within a self made coffin.

      I don't know, nor care if the Citadel is on the level. If it is I truly wish the community the best of luck and longevity. But I'll pass on two regards:

      1.) I don't even like having an HOA dictate how I live. It's my belief that if it's my liberty it's my decision to exercise it in any manner that I like so long as I don't trespass on the liberty of anyone else; and,

      2.) I have no interest in enclosing myself in a DIP fortress because I would have no idea as to who, or why, an opposing force might assault it -- mobility and adaption are key elements to survival in combat.

  18. When I first read about this I immediately thought about the 1980's and the Antelope Valley in Oregon where the followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh took over. They overflowed the area, and since there were more of them than local farmers, they got themselves elected to the town council, school board, etc. This allowed them to change the codes, rules, laws, etc. They pretty much did what they wanted. My brother in law was one of the people they made sick by putting something in the salad bar in The Dalles. I would NEVER trust a big influx of people coming into any area, unless they were all drilling for oil!I urge the people in the area, to read up on what they did in Oregon and be forewarned and ready for any planned mass arrival. JB

  19. BoatGuy,

    So Mr. Kerodin didn't ever ship the 'Kerodin' KaBar to you? Don't feel bad. They've scammed people since they learned to walk. The number of 'companies' and 'websites' they own is mind-boggling.

    Come on: RapeSafety? http://gfy.com/showthread.php?t=837926

    Wench magazine http://www.wench.org/showthread.php/89162-New-Wench-Magazine-What-do-you-think/page6

    For some reason, people are still waiting for their III Percent stuff due to 'manufacturing problems." I wonder when the first firearm will be manufactured and actually shipped to a customer since, at the present, III Arms Co. appears to have 'problems.'

    Hi Kerodin/Christian Allen Hyman/ Hellesponte/ SamIII, etc, you appear to challenge people to duels left and right. Sure you can handle us all?

    I'm your huckleberry. I'm so eager to teach you Krav Maga you've no idea. I've learned from the best of the IDF. See you at King's Mountain.

    Now, is T.L. Davis going to fight for you or with you?

    One more thing, please elaborate what fact I provided is wrong? All the newspapers and the SPLC have got it wrong?

    I tell you this (since I can't divulge more at the present), you'll be in for a great and hilarious surprise - not for you, but the rest of us.

    I've not talked with a sigle Idahoan that has anything good to say about you or your scam, Sammy boy.

    I think the Idaho's people are safe, despite the declaration, “In 2013 we [III Arms Co.] hope to bring much of our production in house in Idaho. Idaho production will provide primary jobs with the company as well as jobs in supporting businesses, such as construction. This will reduce expenses and let us begin the process of building The Citadel."


    I'm not a federal felon, Kerodin, You are.

    Eize yom yafe hayom?

    Tino Feld

  20. When you think about it, the Citadel is essentially a kibbutz whose industry is making firearms.

  21. The Citadel is essentially an attempt at a kibbutz that manufactures firearms as it's industry. The kibbutz model may become more popular in the prepper community as opposed to the lone homestead.

  22. I live about 10 miles as a crow flies from the 20 acres they own in Benewah County. If people come & look at their land, (well you cant get to it now without a dozer)like citadelbrewing...Dude where are you going to get water? uuhhh how are you going to get delivery trucks up there? Has anyone who has plunked down their money even came and looked at this place? I think most people are seeing a Bambi forest. This is not Lake Tahoe. Good luck. This is North Idaho folks luck will only go so far. But hey with a convicted extortionist at the helm, what could possibly go wrong. Right?

    Razor in the Benewah

  23. Site Admin: Thank you.

    Tino: Looking forward to meeting you on the 19th. Will you have the courage to reveal your identity by then, or will you remain hiding behind a fake name? (Mine is legal). You have a very unhealthy mental infatuation with me, so I offered you a bit of help at my site.

    Razor: You know you are lying, again, as we have discussed many times before. Funny how you always run away from blogs after the truth is revealed. The 20 acre parcel currently in Benewah has never been a place for any residents - it is being developed this spring as an Admin Center and facility for associated businesses. We only bought the place in October - sorry we haven't built faster to satisfy you. Thousands of residents on a 20 acre parcel? Really? Say no to drugs, Razor.

    Both of you are repugnant for your ad hominem attacks without a single shred of evidence of misconduct in any facet of the Citadel. The only people complaining are you two - not the folks joining. But don't let facts get in your way.

    FatebeKind: You are exactly correct.

    Anyway, I appreciate the host of this blog for entertaining the discussion. The Citadel is not for everyone. But as we have demonstrated - it sure does appeal to a LOT of folks, and that list grows daily.


    1. Name calling and veiled threats of personal violence as usual from Monsieur le Comte de Saintes Maries.

      One thing that Sam never discusses is the exact form that eviction will take in his little paradise. According to his rules, every household is to have a rifle, at least a thousand rounds and a year's worth of food as well as sufficient water. In other words, a perfect backup for someone to say No to the Lords of the Citadel for attempting to enforce one of their many (silly) rules.

      Just how quickly will Sam run out of other people's blood in support of his diktaten?

    2. Hi Sammy. I see you found someone else to harass and threaten. So you think poor Tino is crushing on you too? Wow you must look like Hugh Jackman or something for so many of us to be obsessed with you. Although I get the impression you're more like George Constanza than Hugh Jackman.

  24. FateBeKind,

    I've lived and worked in kibbutzim, and the Citadel ain't no kibbutz.

    More important, the kibbutz model was based on Soviet collective farms called "kolkhoz." The marxist Jews brought the idea to Palestine.

    As Mr. Kerodin/Hyman/Hellesponte has numerous times declared, he is planning to exterminate every "marxists," even those who just bring tea to a city hall employee or fixes cruisers at the local LEO's garage.

    Nope, the Citadel ain't going to be close to a kibbutz. Jews made the desert bloom. Mr. Kerodin will paint the land with blood of those who think 'wrong.'

    You ought to educate yourself of the plans Mr. Hyman has for his citizens, including the punishment not being in line of the ideology.

    At best, the Citadel will be a concentration camp.

    I seriously doubt that Citadel III will ever produce a single firearm. I've build more firearms during my 25 years of practical shooting competition career than the III Arms Co. Aybody can purchase the parts and put the guns together.

    Even Millerized (the CEO) is able to accomplish such a simple task, as was my eight-year-old son and ten-year old daughter.

    The good citizens of the Benewah County can rest peacefully. The Citadel III will not happen in Idaho.

    I'd be happy to see communities bloom in the Redoubt. What I intensely dislike is scams and felons. The Citadel is both.

    I'm flabbergasted by the obvious uninterest of the local Idaho newspapers regarding the Citadel III. I provide Dan Hammes, the editor of the St Maries Gazette Record (and Idaho Statesman, etc.) numerous links and information about the Scam. I know for a fact that even the SPLC contacted him, and all he can offer is "Little Information of Walled City."

    Well, luckily other big media sources are beginning to expose the scammers.

    You all ought to remember that this guy was a heater/aircondition repairman prior his sudden 20 years of terrorism experience that led him to spend three years with a bubba in federal prison.

    Every idiot that sends $200+ to this nebbish (eize zeh kelev?) for a 'application fee' deserves to be scammed. Everybody who has 'purchased' one of felon Kerodin's $1,500.00+++ firearm deserves to be reminded Buyer Beware just like Captain Rawles suggested.

    Thanks again, Patrice, for a great blog and an important service to your community.

    God Bless you all,


    P.S Razor, it has been suggested that the "CEO' of the III Arms Co. has been part of a phishing cyber crime, so the owners and their proxies sure are a bunch of exemplary citizens -- http://www.phishtank.com/phish_detail.php?phish_id=1219010&frame=details

  25. My final entry, as facts mean nothing to "Tino" (Mike?) or Razor, or many others. Tino, yours is a sad soul - and the perfect punishment for you on this Earth.


  26. kerodin I don't ever recall saying 1000's of people on 20 acres. I'm just going by your website. Our beachhead with model homes, condos, firearms factory, etc. So exactly what am I lying about? The fact that its inaccessible? As far as running from other blogs? All of your 3 blogs have banned me. Cant say anything negative about their fearless leader. The citadel is a joke. I think your a joke. But I understand your reason. After all "who would walk away from a fool & his money. Say no to extortion Kerodin

    Razor in the Benewah

  27. As they say "Let the BUYER beware", from what I have read that is a great piece of advice to all who think this is a wonderful idea to 1)give up your freedom 2)pay to be a servant.
    If they represent survivability on 1+ acres of land, it had better be the cream of the crop. As the daughter of a rancher and gardener, it will not happen. Take your money an run as fast you can.
    When a group(enlightened)tried to purchase a very large ranch close to where we live, and the neighbors found out. Lights out for the commune, it went the way of the outhouse. They could not get permits for all the septic tanks they would need for their motor homes, nor granted easement to use our paved road.
    FYI, my husband is retired SF(US Army Special Forces-green beret). He and his fellow SF would not go near something like this, you could not pay them, it screams of plague. Just thought you should know.

  28. tempest in a teapot??.... well the citadel paradigm is NOT my cup of tea....

  29. I wonder what flavor Kook Aid they serve. Sounds like a cult to me. This will never fly .. and the only good thing about such an endeavor in N. Idaho is that the bad publicity keeps throngs of people away.

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  31. I was excited when I saw this, for we were already considering moving to Benewah County, specifically Fernwood. Patrice, are you near Fernwood?

  32. Then I read the comments and I can see it's nothing to get excited about :-/

  33. To each his own I reckon. Sounds a little too communal/socialistic for my tastes.

    Super picture of Lydia up top there Patrice. A proud young lady in her prime!

  34. Kerodin is apiece of crap. We called him out last fall and he's engaged in a campaign of slander and intimidation against us ever since.

    Kerodin's MO seems to be to act like a twelve-year-old message board commando anytime you criticize his precious Citadel or "arms manufacturing" company, which consists of buying AR parts and 19ii's and painting them. Of course, like the Kabar knife mentioned above, I doubt any will ship.

    Par forthe course from an ex con who did time at a Club Fed.

  35. Hey, Boat Guy - If I wee you I would contact the Maryland Consumer Affairs and State Attorney General and submit complaints. I bet you're not alone.

    1. Get a clue. It's made up. If the idiot had an issue with not receiving something, paypal would take care of it. He has no complaint.

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  37. We were all over this thing early last year. Especially after we found out about Kerodin's shady and criminal past. After we started blogging about him, he started the threats and intimidation he is known for. In fact, he has dedicated an entire page to us on the III Percent blog (http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/p/mark-d-firestone-firestone-carol-jane.html) and our very own site (http://iiiflorida.com/). He's a nasty piece of work.


  38. I like the idea of IIICitadel, but it can never fly. People are just too different to try to 'pigeonhole' into types like 'patriot'. 'No liberals allowed'. Ha! How ya gonna know if someone's a 'liberal'? Intense psychological screening, criminal bacground checks, IQ exams, religious preferences, race.......there's just WAY too many factors to consider to think you can pull this off. Human nature is what it is, there'll be all 'chiefs' and no 'Indians'.

  39. Can I sell you a bridge instead? Hey, they collect all that toll money, and Someone's gotta get it, right? Why not you? I smell... SCAM!!!

    Look into this guy... he's kinda infamous. Mr Hyman, er, whatname is he using today? Oh yeah, Kerodin, or Ill, or well, common scam artist tack to use different names. Look at his past. LOOK AT THE FACT he's a convicted FELON and what he's proposing is even ILLEGAL for him to be a part of. "Everyone --who is legally allowed-- must be armed at all times. Yet, he is king, and has your money. And he can;t even live by his own bylaws. BUT... he has your money!

    HECK... send ME a couple hundred - at least it will go towards Preps, not PERPS!

  40. Sounds alot like Glenn Beck's "Liberty USA", or bet.ter known as Glennbeckistan. I especially like the comment by Patrice about central planning. Sounds more like socialism than liberty.