Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taxes and random pix

I've been brain dead this week, since it's been the final push in getting our taxes done. Our appointment with the bookkeeper was actually last Wednesday, but since it was the same date as a massive article I had due for a magazine, I switched it to today instead.

So last night -- finally -- I got everything done. Phew! I do our taxes by hand (not on the computer) which amuses our tax preparer to no end. At the same time, she admires the fact that I have every possible scrap of paper or receipt or other documentation to back up every nickle we make or spend.

So, since I've been too muddled to post much on the blog, I'll just drop a few random pix from the last couple weeks instead. The weather hasn't been conducive to pretty pictures, so I don't have many.

An oil lamp on the windowsill on a gray day.

On the way to our county seat, we pass this broad marshy area. Depending on the time of year, it might be flooded, or marshy, or bone dry except for the deep-water channels. Right now it's dry, and if you look verrrry closely you'll see a whole bunch of deer grazing. Sometimes there are several hundred deer on this stretch.

They are certainly very well camouflaged!

A weird moment in the sky on a cloudy afternoon. The roundish dot in the dark band looks like it should be the sun, but in fact it's a dull rainbow reflection. The sun was in the bright spot below.

Amusing bumper sticker.

Tracks from our barn cat in fresh early-morning snow.

Waiting for the morning feeding.

Remember when Thor was born? This is what he looks like now. He's very sweet.

Sigh. I must accept reality. That's a long gray hair you see tangled in the hairbrush. I can't complain; at age fifty I'm still mostly brown...

Chicken condo?

The chickens discovered some feed that got spilled in the driveway.

Don's been cleaning his shop of some accumulated sawdust and waste, so he started a burn pile. It was a good day for it, with no wind. In Idaho during the winter, we don't need a burn permit to burn wood waste.

However someone saw the smoke, concluded it was a structure fire, and called the fire department!

The truck didn't even bother coming up our driveway. They could clearly see from the road that it was an attended burn pile, so they just turned around and drove off.

By nightfall, the fire gave a pretty glow. Pity we didn't have any marshmallows.

Younger Daughter's Bible, still open on the couch after her day's schoolwork was done.

The sky sure didn't look like it was going to do much last night as far as a sunset, but it kept getting prettier and prettier.


  1. Patrice,

    Good morning, oh boy the good old tax thing. Hubby and I need to work on our this weekend after he returns from Georgia.

    I think your random pictures didn't come through.

    1. LOL -- actually, I hit the "publish" button when I meant to hit the "add photo" button, so the unfinished post accidentally got published. You were too quick for me and saw the unfinished post!

      - Patrice

  2. I noticed the sunset last night, too. Very pretty.

    We're lucky that the majority of hubby's earnings are by way of PayPal. He hits a button, downloads it to Quicken, prints out a summary, and then I take over. It really cuts down on the work - except for the first year when he counted PayPal and the transfers to the bank as one figure. I looked at the bottom line and thought, "Holy carp, we made a lot of money."

  3. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. I love this time of the year. We had several elk in the field yesterday. And it seems like the deer are everywhere.

    About that white thing in your brush, at least for you at 50 something still shows up in your brush. Well was a comb for me... anyways Good morning in the Benewah

    Razor in the Benewah

  4. Beautiful sunset pictures, Patrice! Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Love the pics. The open Bible one would make a lovely banner. Grey hair?? Why oh why did mine decide to come in as a stripe right down the middle?

  6. I saw a cool bumper sticker the other day "Quit whining......start a revolution"

    Kelly in K'ville, NC

  7. The pictures were so lovely and the deer’s were surely in good camouflage.

  8. I have a question about the Bible your daughter is using. I've been searching for one that has the notes on the same page (as well as a decent size font!). Previewing on the computer doesn't do much good as far as the font size as coloring and sizing are skewed. My Book is almost limiting my usage of it due to these issues. I am using a magnifying glass (my progressive bi-focals with the prism for the crossed eye are just not quite up to the task) and flipping back and forth, losing my page and my patience.

    I have been looking in a used book store and it seems people do donate pretty Bibles like I have and I couldn't understand why...until I began having problems reading it. My perception of the Bible pictured could be wrong, but I do see the notes on the same page (big help for Bible dummies like me).

    Would you care to share the info regarding it?



    1. It's called the "Life Application Study Bible," New Living Translation, published by Tyndale. Our pastor gave it to her. The font size is pretty small, though.

      - Patrice

    2. Look for a large print "study" bible. They tend to have notes on the same page.

      Why do they always use such tiny font? I have a large print edition and it's not much bigger or thicker than the normal bibles.

    3. Thank you, both.

      When I was in town yesterday I stopped in the book store. All the Bibles were in the "shrink wrap" packaging. I guess i understand why, but it makes it challenge finding one that I can read without getting a headache or using my magnifying glass.

      Thanks again.

    4. LASB is a great study Bible. I've been told that I should be reading the KJV only, as it's the only "true" version. I must disagree, this version has been translated from the original Hebrew and Greek sources according to the (about this Bible) in the preface.
      Patrice have ya' got an opinion on that? ( KJV vs modern translations)

  9. Hey Patrice, Why don't you do taxes on computer (for no particular reason, just curious) as you do so many other things on computer. Also, is Donaldo not writing for the magazine anymore? I checked "The Back Porch" and it was written by somone else. Lovely sky, BTW...

    1. 'Cuz I hate learning new programs, i.e. Quickbooks. I tried it many years ago and got so frustrated I finally did everything by hand, and was astonished to realize how much easier it was.

      Yep, no more Back Porch. He didn't have the time or interest any more.

      When are you guys coming up to visit?

      - Patrice

  10. We are planning a road trip to Colorado this summer. Be nice if we could swing up to Idaho. I stayed with Betsy for 4 days in December in Portland. What fun! Definitely Portlandia. Love those coffee houses!

  11. Beautiful photos. You have a food fire department. Fast & Sensible!
    Come visit m Vermont herd and flock when you have a chance;

  12. I volunteer for LadderUp and they also offer free tax Preparation in Uptown at the McCormick Boys and Girls Club. They are open most Saturdays from 9 am to 5pm.