Sunday, February 3, 2013

In the top 50!!!

Two readers have pointed out something very very cool -- Rural Revolution has made a list of the top 50 prepper blogs!!!

This list originated here...

...and was picked up by at least two other website:

I have no idea how I made the list, but I'm grateful and honored!!

Here are the fifty blogs. You'll have to go to the original article to get the hyperlinks.

1. Survival Blog

2. American Preppers Network

3. The Survival Mom


5. Survival 4 Christians

6. Urban Survival

7. Backdoor Survival

8. Off Grid Survival

9. Modern Survival Online

10. The Survivalist Blog

11. The Suburban Prepper

12. The Great Northern Prepper

13. Prepper Website

14. The Survival Podcast

15. Doom And Bloom

16. Provident Living Today


18. Prepared Christian


20. Survival Cache

21. Modern Survival Blog

22. Rural Revolution

23. Preparedness Advice Blog


25. Survival And Prosperity


27. The Neighbor Network

28. The Apartment Prepper

29. Armageddon Online

30. The Berkey Guy Blog

31. The Home For Survival

32. My Family Survival Plan

33. Prepography

33. Prepper Dashboard

34. Bacon And Eggs

35. SHTF School

36. Canadian Preppers Network

37. Maximum Survival

38. Survivor Jane

39. Prepping To Survive

40. SaltnPrepper

41. SGTReport

42. SHTF Wiki

43. Jewish Preppers

44. Survival Magazine

45. Survival Week

46. Prepper Forums

47. Survivalist Boards

48. Tactical Intelligence

49. The Prepared Ninja

50. Common Sense Homesteading


  1. Congratulations! You deserve it.

  2. What an honor to you and your common sense writing skills. I have to tell you, I read many different blogs, but I really enjoy yours because of the life style you and yours live. If only others realized what a rewarding, but hard working path your family has chosen. It shows in what you convey to the readers. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Well of course you would be on this list!! Congrats

  4. Awesome!! Good for you :)

  5. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)February 4, 2013 at 3:16 AM

    Congratulations, Patrice! Your blog is ALWAYS informative and interesting. Just look at all the articles listed under 'key words'! I print out more from your site than from any other. (Plus I just love your pics)!

  6. You're in my top 3.


  7. "I have no idea how I made the list, but I'm grateful and honored!!"

    Really? It is very simple - you and your blog have a very good signal to noise ratio!

    Well, that and you write in a clear and entertaining fashion. ;-)

  8. Congratulations, Patrice! You're always the first blog I visit :)


  9. You take your blog seriously - with a grain of salt. You post often. You post well. And you post openly. Aren't those the three criteria for a successful blog?

    Just Me

  10. I enjoyed seeing the list of 51 sites (see #33--and #33)!

  11. Congratulations! I think it's because we all wish we could be as cool as you.

  12. I am not at all surprised you made the list!! Congrats!

  13. I have bookmarked and read regularly several of those blogs. Yours has a nice mix of everyday living instructions and photos and topics for thinking persons.

    I'm not at all surprised you rated so high!

  14. Way to go! Congratulations!