Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tempest in a teapot

What a tempest in a teapot. Or in this case, a tempest in a walled compound.

I received an email from Christian Kerodin, who I believe is the founder (or organizer or whatever) of The Citadel. He wrote concerning one of the comments left on the blog post, which contained what he says are unfounded accusations about his wife. He asked me to either redact the offensive line from the comment, or remove the entire comment itself.

Since Blogger does not allow me to alter comments (I can only approve or delete them), I’ve removed the comment in question. Because here’s the thing: I don’t want this whole Citadel issue dissolving into a “He said / she said” kind of argument on my blog. This isn’t the place for it. I don’t know much about The Citadel, much less Mr. Kerodin’s wife’s reputation, and frankly I don’t have the time or interest to find out.

But one thing’s for sure: I have no intention of getting drawn into other peoples’ battles. At least, not this battle. As the saying goes, this isn't the hill I'm willing to die on.


  1. Wow. Back read that blog, Patrice and then checked out some of the links.
    Made me very happy that we have decided to not go anywhere near Idaho when the Darlin' Man retires!
    The Citadel sounds like Medieval Feudalism brought back in a BAD way. I don't plan on being a serf, myself and I am sure most of your readers don't either.

  2. Patrice,


    I have been on the citadel's website for awhile now just checking it out. I have not seen anything to do with the accusations of racism. The only thing I can see wrong with thier plan is having everyone in one spot. In a worse case scenario a low yield tactical nuke (five kiloton yeild) from a Tomahawk cruise missile could destroy thier facility.
    I think its wiser for patriots to be spread out, in little nooks and cranny's like termites eating away at tyranny.
    As per them being in the Idaho area, I dont know what else to say. I just hope things work out for everybody up there.

  3. Good for you Patrice!! Keep up the class act. It's a shame when others don't follow normal standards. It's a breath of fresh air to see that when a problem such as this is brought to light, that someone takes the high road. Good for you. And thank you.

  4. Oh, and I love the photo of your dog at the top of your blog!

  5. Gee, Mr. kerodin sounds like such a charming man. I can't imagine any problems at all living in his compound with thousands of his 'like minded' cohorts. What could possibly go wrong?!


  6. Since I know you don't watch TV (and neither do I, but saw this on newser.com) I thought you'd get a kick out of the fact that even Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, is taking pot shots at this idea.

  7. Since you don't watch TV (and neither do I) I thought you'd get a kick out of this link through a news website about the whole thing.
    Apparently Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has gotten a hold of the topic and is running with it:

  8. Seriously I don't know what all the hoopla is about with this endeavor. If a bunch of like minded people want to get together I say more power to them. The rules they list may not be for everyone but they certainly are not something I would call political socialism. In a number of ways it mirrors the colonial rules many of our ancestors had to live under when they first built the early wooden walled settlements in Virginia and New England.

    I guess my point is that what they want maybe a dream at present but it fits the needs of some patriot/prepper types. For others it doesn't. I have my acreage I am not about to abandon it but for others it maybe a good option. It is not my place to go bad mouthing other people's dreams and ambitions especially if they don't infringe on my own right's, money etc.

    There is too much bad blood between some of the players as well which is something I am NOT going to touch with any stick. Physical or Internet.

    The Felony charges do look bad but ya know we are not talking a violent crime here. We tend to overlook the fact that a felony conviction is not hard to get these days, especially if you don't have political connections and deal in money.

    The racism charge is something that really gets my hackles up however. I have never seen any racism from any of the Citadel proponents nor it's founders. Some race realism and some pro White sentiments but nothing you can call racism directed at anyone because of skin color alone. Nothing will make me side with them faster than to see those opposed for whatever reason attempt to use modern day Liberal/Feminist indoctrination ploys as a detractor. As a matter of fact I would even go so far as to point out that some of the individuals attacking the Citadel idea have indulged in Multi-Cult religious Dogma themselves which in my opinion is as racist towards Whites as they claim someone is towards others.

    In this day and age trumped up racism charges are the tool of the Socialist, Lefty Liberals and true Patriots of whatever flavor should be very careful of using it.

    1. Sorry, but if you've ever been taken in on a financial scam you'd be able to smell the stink all over this. Unfortunately I have (not referring to this situation). When added with the fact that the man here in question has several names that he goes by, and is a felon... man if you can't smell the skunk in all this, I really feel sorry for ya.

      If it walks, talks, acts, and smells like a skunk.... RUN DUDE. It's a skunk!

    2. I have no argument with your observations. Nor am I here to defend any specific person. I am just saying it is understandable you wouldn't jump into this but I can see where others may see it as a dream worth taking risks for.

      Saying the whole thing is too shady for you is fine. Pointing out what is shady to others is fine as well but after that it is their dream and not my place to judge them.

      Hey if it fails you can always say "I told ya so". Not that that would be a factor of course.

  9. Whether you publish this comment or not, Patrice, the disclosure of K.E. Rodin’s life goes on. I do comprehend your point; who wants to deal with this 'gentleman.'


    The fact remains that the leader of the group, is a convicted federal felon … extortion after the 9/11 and firearms violation. Yup, easy conviction.

    Mr. K.E. Rodin, A.K.A many names, is promoting the extermination of all that don’t subscribe to his worldview, such as:

    “all these who pulled the lever for Blue or establishment Red, Marxists, ‘socialists,’ democrats, and all working for government (local state or federal), and everybody that is associated with them from the mechanic at the LEO garage, the media, Hollywood, academia, unions, teachers, and other non-combatants, such as the members of the Sierra Club” …

    … to name a few targets from his websites http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/ and http://www.kerodin.com . That gentlemen and women would cover 80% of Jews and 98% of African-Americans, every LEO and politician, most of the journalists … do you get the picture?

    No racism or discrimination here. Just mere final solution Plan a la Hitler.

    Just read his site:


    Killin' Commies: 2013


    It's time to have a conversation...not!


    Treason 101

    I find it necessary to remind people one more time why the Patriot is morally safe when engaging the Blue "voter" or "Non-Combatant".

    The Blue voter is not merely exercising a "...legitimate difference of political opinion..."


    A question for the anti-Kill 'em all crowd

    If hot conflict is required, as many seem to think is imminent, and you take out all the Union Leaders, all the folks "you" consider guilty (which as you have stated is NOT the blue voter or the blue issue advocate or even the Marxist strolling peacefully down the street in Kansas), how, exactly, do you intend to elect right-minded people when you put your rifles down, and the country is still populated with an overwhelming majority of blue voters?


    Marxists: Just another legitimate political difference of opinion?

    Would you consider it a patriotic necessity to kill a Marxist on US soil who is on a soapbox and convincing the crowd to dismiss Free Enterprise and republicanism, and ignore the Constitution?

    … KerodinDecember 9, 2012 at 8:36 PM

    Newsflash...your neighbors and friends had more to do with this mess, than Obama or Boehner could ever dream.

    So tell me why it is immoral to hunt them all? Neighbors, clerks, voters...

    KerodinDecember 10, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    “ … And I can tell you with a knowledge from inside myself that most men never get to learn about themselves - I could throat-punch a blue voter and then move on to her stupid husband without ever feeling joy or anger or any sort of self-satisfaction or guilt. I would not hesitate, and I would never look back to question myself, even if I left orphans for others to raise.

    They are cancer cells, not human beings.

    They are slave traders, not human beings.

    They are genetic garbage, not human beings.”


    “Perverters of the Constitution - our current Political Class, including the Judiciary, will face Committees of Safety at trials in courtrooms and front yards.

    Many loyalists will be allowed to leave. All of their assets will be confiscated. Some will hang.”


    1. Well I don't want to start something with you personally over this. I really don't want to get in the middle of it and will not speak anymore to any point except once again your Liberal/Lefty racism angle of attack.

      The statement above about Jews and African-Americans is not much if any of an exaggeration especially coming from the DC area neck of the woods point of view.

      Everything else you point out maybe heavy handed or overkill but not racism except as seen in the eyes of the social engineering Liberals, who I might add have no guilt about promoting the annihilation of every OLD WHITE GUY they see. Trying to label someone as racist because of their radical political views is one of the reasons as a country we are int he mess we are in today.

      Outside of that your argument with Kerodin is your own and not something I wish to get into.

  10. Patrice, I now see why you waited so long to post anything about this on your site! You just had to know this would bring the comments.

  11. I could care less about the Citadel! Any place near you for sale? Could we rent a spot on your land with barter? Say I raise hogs for you? I'm good with hogs. :) Also, I love that dog! She/he looks like a Great Pyrenees. Is she/he? We have one of those too. I used to raise them. Fantastic dogs--smart as they can be--stubborn too. Also, how much to advertise on your blog? Thanks Cindy

  12. Of course, my husband's an industrial electronic technician. Need some solar installed? What about wind power? I love your musical instruments. Learned to read music before I learned how to read. Did I mention that I also know how to milk, dehorn, medicate and otherwise provide rudimentary medical care? :) Hope I haven't offended. I just really like your blog.

    1. Cindy, you don't sound like any of the folks I know from TN.

  13. If anyone has yet to form an opinion of this group, just go tho their website. You will know all you need to know in 2 seconds by reading the banner.


    ...yeah...liberty's future doesn't look to bright if that is our battle cry.
    Now excuse me. I feel like I need to take a bath...


  14. Hmmmm.....Okay, he wants to establish The Citadel for liberty loving patriots, but then somebody says something about his wife he finds offensive and he demands said comment be removed? What's he going to do at The Citadel if somebody says something he doesn't like? Liberty? Just sayin'.....

    1. And if you raise any concerns about this citadel project or question about the finances, funding, or why the citadel paypal acct. goes into a 527 political fund. Or any other concerns. You get called a coward, liar, anti- liberty etc and banned from all the 3 related blogs. So yeh rightful liberty. However I live in Benewah County. I'll ask all the questions I want. If not to the citadel mob. Then I'll ask our county commissioners. They have the final say anyways.

      Razor in the Benewah

  15. If someone wants whatever liberty is left in this country, they need to be as self-sufficient as possible. This place seems to be breaking the most important three rules I can think of regarding self-sufficiency:

    1) Own your own property
    2) Keep a low profile
    3) Don't expect your neighbors to participate in your success (they usually will if you are good people, but you can't expect it)

    There are already projects where a bunch of people who aren't self-sufficient band together to try to make it, and these projects have armed guards and such. They're called cities. And no one out here really cares for them much.

  16. "The Citadel" doesn't pass the smell test, of course. What the Citadel does prove is that the idea of leaving the cities and moving to a remote area to wait out the coming storm is catching on enough a shyster to try and make money off of it. This scam also marks the beginning of the media and popular culture's derision of preppers as paranoid neo-Nazis. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Tim Wise: As far as they are concerned we're one and the same as the Klan.

    Pre-9/11, if someone said they wanted to buy farm in Idaho where they would raise their own food, home school their children, largely give up pop culture and support themeselves with a home-based business selling handcrafted mugs at Renaissance Fairs they'd be regarded as total hippie-dippy bean sprout leftwingers. Now if you choose to opt out of the our the Honey Boo Boo Kardashian Doritos wastleand you are considered a terrorist.

    It's scary how much this nation has changed.

  17. Nice straw man, Jay. Truth is, nobody cares if people want to go live off-grid and back to the land anywhere they want. More power to them; it's a great way to go.

    But when you talk about a walled compound, armed to the teeth, built around an arms factory, with a paranoid delusional federal ex-con as its leader? That's a horse of a different color. I think the nation has always had an eye out for that.