Saturday, February 9, 2013

Signs of spring

I drove Older Daughter to her piano lesson the other day. As we pulled up into her teacher's driveway, I noticed a bunch of birds flocked in one of her trees. "What are those?" I asked. "Could it be...?"

It was. Robins. First I've seen. In early February!

Tough birdies.


  1. My mother in MO commented that the robins returned last month. This is not bode well for the coming year.

    My Aspen trees budded out during a break in the weather. We only have a foot of snow when we should have 4 or more by now.

    The Flickers came back and began pounding on our house...another bad sign.


  2. Beautiful pictures of Robins, those are males correct?

    I can't wait for spring, I'm over the cold already.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Patrice, we have had robins all winter long. I assumed they were "old" birds who couldn't stand the trek south. Maybe I'm wrong, but in the past those (*(*##$$*( robins have LIED about spring. Don't trust them. LOL Meanwhile it surely is cheerful to see them!

    Kathleen in IL

  4. This is all so weird! My hubby had an interesting sighting of well over 20 robins all together in the hay field - weeks ago! I can tell you that at my latitude, that's unheard of!

    We have a little contest every year - who can see the first robin. Til this year, it's always been the first week in March. He won this year. With pictures.

    Last year the maples started running sap in February and everyone missed it. This year, I'm ready.

    (Normally, sap starts running about the third week of March. If you miss it, you're outta luck til next year.)

    Just Me

  5. At first the title of your post didn't register, and then when it sank in I was incredulous. Spring? What? It seems like only recently you began to post pictures with snow, pictures of the thermometer outside, and stories of the looming winter season. It seems time is just screaming by. Obviously there's a fair amount of "winter" left to endure - signs or no signs.

    Jeff - Tucson

  6. I was so disillusioned to read an explanation for those "early" robins here in MN. They never left in the first place. Myth #2

  7. I live in St. Petersburg Florida. We get the robins in our neighborhood from November to early march. They come in huge flocks and cover the neighborhood. I have a camphor tree and they love the berries. In late spring they ferment and the robins get "drunk" on the berries. Unfortunately we have had a couple fly into our window after "imbibing".

  8. We saw a bluebird the other day. Hoping that means spring is near.

  9. Had a friend tell me about a flock of robins in their yard the other day. Right out in the snow. Pretty rare in MN in February. We also at the same time have loads of snow buntings down from the Arctic.