Sunday, July 29, 2012

Third day of sales

This lucky streak of excellent sales here in Portland continued yesterday when we sold an astounding 60 pieces. Sixty. Wow. That's 149 total for the weekend so far, and we still have today to get through. Sunday sales at this event are traditionally much lower (plus we don't have much stock left) so I'll be deliriously happy with selling 15 more.

This is what our booth liked at opening on Saturday morning. We had removed one entire shelving unit (from four units down to three) in order to keep the remaining shelves looking full.

As the day progressed, I kept removing additional shelves from the lowest levels.

By midday we were down to two shelving units (and even then, we kept removing the lowest shelves).

By the time we closed in the evening, the shelves were comically bare. It's a sad truth in retail that the emptier the shelves, the lower the sales. However having only a SINGLE shelving unit in the booth isn't the best idea either, so I'm not sure what we're going to to -- possibly put up the smaller two of the four shelving units and just distribute whatever we have left over them, and hope for the best.

This is Mick and his wife Patti, old and dear friends. Mick is helping me run the booth this weekend. Patti has a bad back and couldn't handle standing on concrete for ten hours, but she stayed and visited for an hour or so.

I didn't see so many funny T-shirts today, but here are a couple:

This amazingly sexist T-shirt, I was informed by the wearer, was given to him by his girlfriend. Ooookay.

And I absolutely loved this one. (The square root of Chuck Norris = pain.)

I noticed a woman with numbers either tattooed or drawn (with marker) on the backs of her legs. Why, I have no idea.

I have no idea who this band was but they were fabulous. They had people dancing all over the event.

A pretty city-scape.

Lots and lots of people yesterday! You can see the booth next to me, which sells temporary tattooes. A very nice woman named Linda mostly caters to the children who come through, putting flowers or nice patterns on their arms or cheeks.

But at one point I glanced over and saw this, well, startling sight.

Here's Linda, diligently applying a tush tattoo. Brave of her, I thought.

Not to be outdone, the woman's friend also bared her buns for a temporary tattoo. As a gentleman in my booth commented, "I thought they took out the trash on Tuesdays."

Later I asked Linda, "Is that the strangest place someone's asked you to tattoo?" She laughed and said, "Close. I've refused a few." She said that while she would never have the courage to pull up her skirt in public, these women were at least  nice about it.  She said she's dealt with some obnoxious men who wouldn't take NO for an answer. In these cases, her husband has persuaded the potential customer to take a hike. "You have the right to refuse service to anyone," I quipped, and she agreed.

All the vendors were pooped after yesterday's crowds. Today promises to be much slower-paced and relaxed. Wish me luck!


  1. The numbers on the back of the legs look like racing numbers. Possibly she was in a bike/triathlon race that morning or the day prior. They usually draw them on with a sharpie.

  2. The leg "markers" we're probably from a race...i.e #133, age 21....they do that with my hubby's triathlons...

  3. Congrats on your sales. Hope you sell the rest today!!

    Wondering if you ever thought of displaying step pieces of wood that show the process you go thru when making your mugs? or is that a secret? With a little sign explaining the step it would be something to fill a few shelves and you would always have them for every show you visit.

    I used to do trade shows all over Europe and people like looking at something that is informative about the product we were selling too.

  4. GO YOU!!!! You will have a sell out for sure, congrats

  5. holy shmolly! being as i live out in the woods i have been known to occasionally take an outdoor shower under the hose and might go check the mailbox still wearing my nightshirt and flip flops...but i also live ten miles from town and a half mi. from the nearest neighbor. oops i think i should not be surprised- is'nt portand oregon where they let nudists ride bikes, jog and dally in the streets naked? lol, correct me if i am wrong....

  6. Patrice,

    Sounds like you had a blast and this visit was extremely successful, congratulations!

    Yes, I would have to agree with your male visitors about taking out the trash, lol.....
    Those two women should have known better. The temporary tattoo's were for kids.

    Have a safe drive back.

  7. There's more than luck involved here, Patrice. Another prayer, no doubt by many (including us), has been answered! We're very happy you're doing so well! --Fred & Deb in AZ

  8. 60 more!? Holy Moly --- you are SMOKIN'! You earned every penny!

    Just Me

  9. I'm thrilled for you Patrice with those great sales numbers. All the best for the final tally.

  10. Also, you're so right about showing a "full" booth regardless of how empty it really is. It takes a little sleight of hand and some sly mirages. (I do art fairs, too.)

    You'll figure out something - I can't wait to see how you "trick" people into thinking your booth isn't as depleted as it actually is!

    I'm so happy you're having a good show!

    Just Me

  11. I'm betting the gal with the numbers on her legs probably competed in a triathlon over the weekend. There was a women's only race on Saturday and another yesterday.