Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guest post: Bakery buckets, a Prepper's best friend

I have a guest post up on the blog Getting Your Life in Order entitled Bakery Buckets: A Prepper's Best Friend. Go take a peek.

This is a neat blog chockful of good prepping info, so make it a part of your regular reading!


  1. Hi Patrice,

    Great article. Thanks for writing it.

    When reading it, I saw you will be publishing an book. Will you be publishing it DRM free? If not, I will probably choose not to purchase it in spite of all the valuable info it will contain.

    This is a personal choice I've made for books that will be in our prep supplies. Technology changes and, while TEOTW might come tomorrow, it might be a long time coming. With a DRM free book, as reader technology changes, I can convert the book to a newer format and continue to gain all the benefits from your wisdom.

    On the other hand, a book with DRM protection will become useless to me as technology changes and reading devices (inevitable) break.

    Sorry to post this as a comment, but I wasn't able to find another way to contact you on the site.

    Thanks for all your hard work and especially for sharing your wisdom!


    1. I'm not certain of the format as of yet. We'll be using an agency in NYC for the eformatting and probably offer a print version as well. Stand by!

      - Patrice

    2. Selecting the format (and DRM if you choose to do so (please don't)) is an important decision to make early on since it can effect who you publish with and how you publish.

      If you have the option, you might want to consider ePub without DRM. That means no ADEPT, ADE, Amazon or Barnes & Noble DRM. EPub is a format that almost every ereading device & application can read.

      You might be encouraged to use the PDF format and, at first glance, it's a nice idea, but it has its problems. The files are very large - many times the size of other formats. PDF files are really meant to be read on a full size display. Ereaders, tablets, and smart phones have more difficulties. Text needs to be magnified and reflowed to fit smaller screens. Most mobile apps are very slow at reformatting PDF. Of course, another concern is that the DRM is managed by a single source (Adobe) which represents a single point of failure - especially if, for some reason, Adobe decided to shut down the licensing servers.

      One other point about DRM. It costs you (the author) money for the license to use the DRM as well as to pay for the infrastructure to support the DRM (the servers & internet service needed to verify the DRM of every book). Also, every DRM format used on books has been cracked so using DRM does nothing to stop piracy, it only annoys your customers who need to read your book on a new device but have to jump through hoops to work around the DRM.

      Choosing not to use DRM saves you (the author) money and keeps the goodwill of your customers.

      Sorry, just my long winded 2 cents. Obviously, I'd prefer ePub without DRM.

  2. Thanks for the link! Off to check it out

  3. Great link!

    On the subject of buckets . . . I once read a complaint about buckets that had been used for pickles, then imparted the pickle smell to things stored in it. In the spirit of making the best of everything when things are hard to come by, I submit this:

    If anyone out there likes peanut butter and pickles (many of us do, and tried these together in sandwiches as kids), use pickle buckets for rice. Peanut butter rice is a favorite in my family (just stir a couple -- or more -- tablespoons of peanut butter into cooked rice. It completes the protein spectrum and tastes great!). To jazz up peanut butter rice, I like to chop up a dill pickle or two, and stir that in along with the peanut butter. We think it's delicious, and you can get that taste without the pickles by storing the rice in the pickle buckets.

  4. Great post. We too stop at the local grocery stores twice a month to pick up buckets from the bakery for food storgage. Can't beat them.

  5. took your advice-step daughter works in a store with bakery nad is getting them for me-in 1 week she got 7- 3.5 gal and 13 2 gallon buckets-says she can get them every week- so im going to be set for buckets soon-im using 2 gal buckets to put food gifts and home canned stuff for the holidays..thanks for the tip,,,blessings