Friday, July 27, 2012

First day of sales

Pooped, that's what I am. I'm absolutely pooped from yesterday's day of sales here in Portland. But I'm also grinning like an idiot, because sales were staggering.

For purposes of comparison, last year on Thursday we sold 25 pieces (which was wonderful). This year we sold...44!!!

I mean honestly, that's almost a quarter of the stock I brought! We've already removed the lowest shelf from one of the shelving units in order to keep the other shelves full. Nice problem to have!

Here's a quick shot as I cross the Morrison Street bridge in Portland toward the event site. Cityscapes are, to me, beautiful. Unfortunately while driving it's hard to appreciate the drama as the bridge flings me across the river.

This is my booth, before the crowds got thick.

This is my booth at nearly any other time of the day -- constantly thronged with people (bless them all!).

I always like to take pix of funny T-shirts, so here are a few samples:

This one looked so innocuous... until I read it. Then I cracked up.

I always like the adaptations of the Periodic table, this one on fishing lures.

And of course I highly approved of this sentiment.

These young ladies were dressed like pseudo-fraulines (well, why not?), so I asked if they'd pose with my steins.

A couple of gentlemen dressed as (cough) "monks"...

...complete with fake tonsures. Portland's unofficial city motto is "Keep Portland Weird" and I was pleased to see so many people contributing toward this effort.

Shortly after posting this, I'm off for my second day of sales. Wish me luck!


  1. Hope the good selling streak continues. I'll agree with you on cityscapes. They look great, despite the fact I have no desire at all to live in a large urban area. One of the best cityscapes I've seen is Cincinnati, coming in from the south along I-75.
    I have a small weird t-shirt collection,. My current favorite is London Airship School-Graduating Class of 1894.

  2. Congratulations on the sales I hope you have a bumper sales crop all weekend. Be Safe

  3. Congrats on a great first day!! Here is to selling out on your second one

  4. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)July 27, 2012 at 10:12 AM

    Congrats! Your booth looks wonderful - very inviting!
    Do any of the people know that you are THE Patrice Lewis of Rural Revolution fame?

  5. I've been praying that you would do well in your tankard sales, Patrice, because if anyone deserves to do well, it's you and your hubby. Thank you, Lord!
    --Fred in AZ

  6. Well so far so good! The random crowd pix are relatively tame compared to some past years! LOL

    The city scape shot off the Morrison Street bridge is really great. It gives the viewer the sense of movement
    and speed without blurring the focus enough to be a distraction. This one has a nice uniqueness to it.

    Too cool. Love those road shots. Like you say, it's amazing what we can do with those.

    Go sell out and have fun doin' it!


  7. Awesome!
    Congratulations on your sales. :o)

  8. Yee Haw! I love to hear about show successes! That's awesome!

    I know that bone tired feeling: When you can't even focus your eyes and your arms ache from fatigue. The best remedy is knowing sales were HIGH! Yay! The hard work of your family is paying off!

    Just Me