Monday, July 2, 2012

Ten ways to cut your grocery bill

I fell into contact with a blogger named Emma who was seeking guest posts on preparedness and frugality, so I ended up sending her an unpublished article called "Ten Ways to Cut Your Food Bill." I wrote this a couple years ago for a mainstream magazine (hence the slight "green" tinge) but it was rejected. I'm glad Emma could get some use out of it!

Hop on over to Emma's cool blog (called Getting Your Life in Order) and take a peek.


  1. Hi there, I thought the article was great. Not sure why you emphasize in your post that any percieved green slant is because of it being written for a mainstream magazine. What few comments that some might label as "green" are merely common sense. Tending and keeping the garden/our environment(Gen. 2:15) keeps us ALL safer, happier and more productive in the longrun - liberals and conservatives alike! Anyone that cannot see that should take a field trip to the landfill ASAP. My parents proudly refuse to recycle because they've bought into the hype that only green liberal whackos do such (what might their neighbors think?!) - despite the fact that the city provides curbside bins and the collection fee is already included in their regular trash service.

  2. Patrice, thank you so much for allowing your wonderful writing to be featured on my blog! It is truly an amazing article, and I feel that everyone can benefit from reading it! Thanks again! -Emma

  3. cannot beat good old common sense!