Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random pix

Here are a few random pix from the last couple of weeks.

Frosty sunrise. We've been cold, but there's no snow. Looks like we won't have a white Christmas, to the intense disappointment of the kids.

Older Daughter festoons the ceiling with paper rings and snowflakes she made.

The result was quite festive.

While making survival cookies, Lydia decided to, uh, help.

I took the seed corn down. It had been drying over the pantry for the last few weeks, but it was fully dry by now.

Dried corn is easy to remove from the cob. Just rub it back and forth and it comes right off.

All I got was about half a pint of seed, but it's good fresh seed and I'll plant it next year. (Hopefully we'll have better weather.)

Lydia outside on a cold but sunny day.

Is this dog gorgeous or what?

Bumper sticker seen in Spokane:

Plowed field with just the barest hint of snow, waiting for spring.

Our county seat is a logging town. Here's proof.

While the girls do their weekly volunteer work at the animal shelter, I hole up in a pretty little coffee shop that also sells home decor. Makes for a nice atmosphere to get some writing done.

Christmas ornament picked up when the girls were very young and we'd gone to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Winter is when the turkeys start hanging around.

The hens always look so surprised when they pass through. "Whoa! Those are BIG chickens!"

A pretty tableau Older Daughter set up by the window.

One day while paralleling a train, we saw a long white plastic-covered... something. It almost looked like a wing. What could it be?

Well, turns out that's exactly what it was.

Guess planes have to be transported somehow!

Progress has been a little slow on replacing the carpet after our church fire. We won't be back in the sanctuary in time for Christmas Eve services. No matter, we'll worship down in the basement as we've been doing for the last few weeks.

But the walls have been painted, giving everything a fresh clean look. First time in decades, apparently! (Please excuse the black spots. They're on my camera lens, not the wall.)

Chicken on the hay bales in the barn.

Saw this sign in Spokane for a suggested Christmas gift. No thanks, we have a better gift that lasts forever, given at Christmas.




  1. Nice.

    I like the snowflakes and chains. Our windows are decorated with white paper snowflakes I cut myself. Didn't cost a penny...well maybe a penny for the paper....

    Thinking now about adding some paper chains...

    Just Me

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your area and your family's life in wonderful, free, ID...
    My dear friend lives north of Spokane and her area in something like yours....I really miss her and your pictures remind me of her...
    Have a Blessed Christmas...JESUS, the ANSWER!!!!
    Also, thank you for writing your wonderful book...I enjoy it so much and it is challenging...
    Love from NC

  3. The "wing" is actually a blade for a giant "alternative energy" producing windmill - undoubtedly, financed by faux stimuli. It is probably just a coincidence that it happens to be on the same rail as a plane fuselage.

  4. That bumper sticker is (sadly) priceless.
    I think the address for the cookies is: paratusfamiliablog on 2010/06
    They sound yummy and I'm thinking of making them in my cookstove (like Enola?). I got peach jam from my nursery school friend yesterday so I'm all set.
    (hmm, won't let me post the address?)

  5. That picture of the wing on the train isn't to that plane. It looks more like a giant wind turbine blade. We see those going down the highway here on trucks all the time. Heres a link to a picture of one

  6. Love the bumper sticker and Lydia looks great,what breed is she?

  7. Love the photos! I love cookies being made with the dog, and we have our own Great Pyrenees that lift the table we have.

    The forever gift kind of made me gag, oh what times we live in.

    btw- our Pyrenees are Samson and Delilah-

  8. As usual, we love your pix! Can't help thinking there must be some way to clean those spots off the inside of your camera lens, though. I'm betting a place that sells/repairs cameras would do it for a reasonable price.

    Patrice, I got one of your and Don's tankards for a Christmas present and I love it! Our daughter came for a visit with her hubby and boys, and it was their present to me. She informed me that she got to talk to you on the phone when she ordered the tankard. (She's also a big fan of yours.) I'm envious. Hehehe...
    --Fred in AZ

  9. Merry Christmas to you and yours Patrice. Don

  10. The white thing is a wind turbine blade, someone must be building a wind farm.