Friday, December 2, 2011

More tankards available

We have more tankards up on the website!

Older Daughter has taken over the mechanics of getting the pieces photographed, cataloged, and listed. Here she's photographing the individual pieces in the barn.

The barn offers a neutral background as well as strong but indirect lighting, so it works pretty well.

Here she's cataloging the woods in each piece, as well as the order they were photographed.

Next the photos get downloaded onto the computer.

She has to make both full-sized photos as well as thumbnails available.

Here are some pieces boxed up and on their way to the post office.

All in a day's work!


  1. Ours came in the mail today. It's for my husband's birthday this Sunday. I hope he's as excited as I am! It's awesome.
    Thanks Don & Patrice!

  2. Very impressive-I admire the way you are always providing great learning opportunities!

  3. Fantastic that family's work together in this day and age.
    You are truly Blessed and your teaching is paying off.
    And, you have taught me how to put together a marketing technique for my hubby's cutting boards...You guys rock!
    Love from NC,

  4. ...boxes from Amazon and the folks at EE. Could be MY house!

    Jeff - Tucson

  5. ...except for the barn and the hay of course.

    And the livestock.

    And the acreage.

    And the beautiful landscape.

    And the distance to the nearest major city and its golden hordes.

    And...dagnabbit this is getting depressing!


    Jeff - Tucson