Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Horns that can be used if needed."

A reader named Jennifer left a comment on my Peace on Earth, Now Buy a Gun post. I thought her analogy was so excellent I wanted to highlight it here.

I try and share how important gun ownership is by using my simple life as an example. My sheep have horns and as they are a breed that has four horns on occasion, look rather menacing. Yet,they eat greens and an occasional snack of fruit from me. But those horns relay a very serious sign...LEAVE ME ALONE, I just want to eat and live my simple life without being attacked by a mountain lion, coyote, or bobcat.

How silly folks are saying they would never own a gun. I count on someone assuming we have the ability to defend ourselves if they are thinking about robbing the farm. I count on the rural mentality as we live too far from rapid response of law enforcement, and therefore are our own line of defense. In reality though, we live like the sheep, simple on a farm, providing as much as we can for ourselves all the while thanking our Creator, with horns that can be used if needed.

I think that says it all, don't you? Many progressives misunderstand why Americans are so enamored of gun ownership, but Jennifer nails it. Most of us are peace-loving, law-abiding citizens who simply refuse to relinquish the one Right (and notice how I capitalized "Right") that protects us from foreign and domestic enemies.

To see what would happen if that Right were taken away, here are the comments of another reader named Able, who lives in England:

Excellent post, as per usual. If you want to see what happens when all (legal) guns are removed from a country have a look here in the country that used to be Great Britain. Rapes, Assaults, murders (and shootings) occurring in increasing numbers year after year. I agree with some of the comments on the original post that part is due to the change in demographics (the radical divisions caused by the influx of massive numbers of those with cultures antagonistic to the native one - the statistics show a similar thing in the USA, do they not?) but part is the changes encouraged by those in power (the lack of trust in the judiciary and police caused by how the law is selectively enforced).

You have a base protection in your written constitution (we have the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights but they have been over-written and ignored for centuries) and you should both be proud and defend it. After all it is those who are weak, old, infirm who need the equality afforded by a firearm - and I'm glad to see (whatever the reason) that so many take the chance to exercise that right.

If there are any who disagree, ask them to visit a British city and walk there alone at night - they'll soon see just how important having not only the right to self defence, but the tools to allow those most vulnerable to do so, is (both things we here have appeared to, and have, lost).

And that, my friends, is the purpose of the Second Amendment in a nutshell. Thank you to both Jennifer and Able for sharing their views.


  1. I never thought I would own a gun. I now have a .357 revolver and a concealed weapons permit. And yes, I know how to use my gun...........Denise

  2. It really is this simple. Thank you again for your post as it was spot on.


  3. Recently someone in the comment section of a WND article stated that only in the United States is crime so rampant and its citizens think they need a gun for protection. This person went on to say in England and ALL of Europe, crime is so low that citizens don't need to arm themselves. He then gave statistics that backed him up. I replied to him that his facts were faulty and his statistics skewed. I have relatives and friends who live in England and Germany. they've told me how unsafe it is to live in any European country, especially England and Germany! Progressives don't want us to know the truth, of course, so they make up "facts" and figures to supposedly verify their claims. I'll be saving the words of your reader named Able from England, and will use them to counter those who would lie to us about how safe it is to live in England!

  4. Most Australians (where I live)do not feel the need to carry guns to feel safe and don't understand the American obsession with the need of it's citizens to carry guns in the cities. I can understand the value of people owning guns in remote country areas (to protect from wild animals/snakes etc.)but in the cities there is police protection if needed.
    I certainly don't think I would feel safe in some Middle East countries whose citizens (like in America) do carry guns!

  5. In reponse to Anonymous @ 4:15pm:
    Seriously? Police protection in the big cities? Think about that statement as your purse is snatched from you(with your phone to dial 911) and you are dragged into an alley.

    Sorry, Patrice.I get a little aggravated with ignorance.

  6. Well, anonymous @ 4:15, police protection in the cities is all well and good until they are corrupt and politically correct and afraid of the bad guys, etc. I also don't think you can say that Americans are obsessed with the need of its citizens to carry guns. The situation is that many Americans are convinced it is their right to carry guns if they so choose and they don't want that right taken away.

    You seem to have considerable faith in your fellow men to think that the only need for a gun would be to protect from wild animals! Albeit there are some people who act like wild animals.

  7. Merry Christmas America!

  8. The 2nd amendment was provided as a check by the private people on the government people.

    Without guns in the hands of most Americans then said Americans will be brutalized by their own government via the American military. Just take a look at how the police are brutalizing people for exercising their 1st amend. right. Gonna get much worse.

  9. Those with cc permits get rounded up first and sent to the camps. Thank you for letting us know that you use a gun.

  10. Anon 6:22 -- Thank you for the threat.

    - Patrice

  11. So, knowing that many of the citizens have horns and won't give them up the landowner (government) decides to apply de-horning paste to the new kids before they grow horns. If the next generation grows up without hours they are much easier to push about the farmyard.
    Public Schools (indoctrination centres) have yet another name - "de-horning clinics"

  12. Oh my, being quoted my such an esteemed blogger, does this mean I've 'arrived' in blogdom?

    I'm a nurse (although off sick with an injury - hamstring tear, subluxated proximal tibio-fibial joint [dislocated knee to you normal people - hey we like to sound like some high-powered professional too] and something called RSD [which is a bit uncomfortable]). I trained and worked for years in London, in A&E, and with odd shift-patterns had to walk the streets at all hours (no not THAT way! with my looks they'd pay me to go away) as such I can honestly say I have lost count of the times I have been attacked (both at work and not).

    I am 6 ft 5", 14 stones, shaved head (bald and grey was the other option so I'm pretending to be fashionable) and have been described as having a 'mean look' (usually squinting I think due to short sight) yet I am attacked regularly. I am not looking for fights, stupid or naive, I'm constantly aware and yet even now (in a city much smaller and quieter) I have been attacked twice. I have been, over the years, hit over the head with a scaffolding pole, stabbed with knives and syringes, attacked and threatened with swords and baseball bats with nails in and twice had handguns pointed at me.

    This is Britain today. Yes the statistics, and perhaps some peoples (blind or just lucky) experiences, show it is a safe country (and parts are, just as there). The statistics are misleading because most crime is never reported (what's the point when they get virtually no punishment and you are probably going to face prosecution yourself if you act to defend yourself). Then there is the manipulation of the statistics, putting certain crimes in other categories to reduce the appearance of violent crime.

    The point is that the world is a dangerous place, wherever you are. The right to self defence in itself is a wonderful thing but whereas someone as big and ugly as I am has perhaps some chance, what of the old, the frail, a woman attacked by a large man - the only, ONLY, weapon which would allow such people a chance at defending themselves is a firearm. So defend that right with all your strength, because believe me, you will miss it when it's gone.

  13. Just so you don't think I'm exaggerating (and for Anonymous 1.53 to quote), a couple of links:

    And those are without the 40% of rapes they forgot to report, and the fact that 'grievous bodily harm' wasn't listed as a 'violent' crime.

  14. Curious to know, how many of you are prepared to shoot and kill American soldiers that may show up to "relocate" you?

  15. Anonymous 10:23, don't be silly. American soldiers are duty bound to protect the constitution. The question to ask, therefore, is how many American soldiers are prepared to shoot and kill civilians that they have been unlawfully ordered to relocate?

  16. Anonymous 10:23, you're lighting your FBI informant/agent provocateur sign much too brightly. You'll have to do better than that to keep your sorry self out of prison.

    (Usually folks, the one who advocates violence and 'doing something' in a group is the federal informant. They most probably got themselves picked up on some felony charge and have been told that those charges will be dropped or they will just get probation instead of prison time if they can snare somebody else into making a move or something approaching a conspiratorial 'threat'. Commonly we call this 'entrapment)

    Nice to see that Patrice has made 'the list' buster. Now go away and tell your masters "such a good boy am I".

    BTW folks, the American soldier/sailor/marine and airman are our least worries.

  17. I'm just as curious as Anonymous at 10:23AM at how many soldiers will break Constitutional law and fire upon American citizens? I used to live near one of the largest Marine Bases in the U.S. and about 12-13 years ago the base leaders asked the soldiers if they would fire upon civilians, why and why not. The overwhelming response was NOT! Several Marines wrote to the editor of the local paper and stated they would never shoot Americans. It was then assumed that our liberal-progressive leaders would use gang members or foreigners to "round us up" and take away our weapons and our rights. Hey, they come armed to shoot me and my family, I'll shoot back! And I'm not alone. Millions of patriotic Americans agree with me!

  18. Anonymous @10:23 and to the poster also Anonymous @6:22,
    I am a law abiding citizen who carries a state issued conceal carry permit. Everyday there are many many more concerned citizen patriots that receive these permits that allow you to carry for security and the protection of life and property. I am but one of many patriots who will lawfully stand up to any law enforcement or military personal who willfully threatens my family or myself and my NATION with unconstitutional actions. These actions are the work of traitors and tyrants and either one deserve what they get for trying to destroy what I and countless others hold dear. If by chance any of the "Anonymous" posters on this blog feel they want to side with traitors and tyrants all I can say is god help you, for there will be many who would be willing to arrange the meeting for you.

  19. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)December 12, 2011 at 5:17 PM

    Anon 10:23
    A real American soldier would never do that - and if he tried ... they ain't American and yes, we would, in a heartbeat...Dumb troll, go back to Huffpo.

  20. Anon @1023am
    If someone comes to take my rights away and tries to "relocate" me they, at that moment, become my enemy - I don't care what uniform they are wearing.

  21. "A real American soldier would never do that"

    Perhaps you are forgetting that real US soldiers murdered Americans with impunity from 1860-1865?

    Perhaps you elect to disbelieve that US soldiers disarmed and stole firearms from the victims of Katrina?

    Us soldiers mass murdered Indians too.

    US soldiers have murdered 100's of thousands of children, women, and men in the middle east.

    Us soldiers currently participating in undeclared wars obviously have no problem breaking their oath to uphold the constitution.

  22. Look, the police have a job, it's to bring the yellow crime scene tape and draw the chalk outline. The question is do you want to be the one giving the police a statement or the one they are tracing. Every cop I know tells me the same thing; if you don't have the means in your home to protect yourself then you're just plain nuts...

  23. I have read in passing that in the Civil War, soldiers took revenge against civilians for the blowing up of railroads and the like. I have not read this book, but it seems to be on that subject:

    The American military is capable of turning its guns on us (I'm a veteran). But, I am sure that those miscreants will face fire -- figurative and literal -- from fellow U.S. military, in addition to armed citizens.