Saturday, December 3, 2011

Puppy love

This is a HUGE post with LOTS of pictures. When you start scrolling down you'll understand how irresistible these guys were!

This is a litter of eight Great Pyrenees puppies whelped by Lydia's mother and father. Seven of the eight pups are already sold (if you're interested in the last, a female, let the folks at Agape Ranch know). The pups will be going with their new owners within a week or two, so the girls and I decided to indulge in some "puppy love" while we could.

Lots of awwww factor here!

First thing we saw upon arrival was Lydia's father, Elijah. Magnificent animal!

Oodles of puppies!

Elijah meets kids.


Here's Ruthie, the puppies' mother.

She's like the Pied Piper, isn't she?

Snack time!

Methinks Ruthie will be glad when the puppies are gone!

Speaking of which, this little girl is the last unsold puppy. If anyone's interested, speak up!

After a couple hours of hard playing, the puppies did what puppies do best: napped. It started with one...

...and soon, there were more. Puppy pile!

Thanks, Carol and Jim, for letting us play with the puppies!


  1. Even though they have a lot of "awwwwww" in them, and are so young, you can still see in the pictures that there is some intelligence behind those eyes. Having had one in the past, I can attest to that personally as well. Good dogs, good guards.


    Who doesn't love a dose of irresistible puppy cuteness?

    I even love just saying the word: puppies!

    Just Me

  3. Oh...and I meant to add:

    The new sunset picture in the header is a wonder. I gasped when I saw it the first time.

    Just Me

  4. I would snap that little girl up if I were closer. I think this is the type of dog that would be good on our homestead...alas, it's not to be!

  5. Very cute. If only they'd stay that size...

    Jeff - Tucson

  6. Hey Patrice,
    Maybe you could raise puppies, too! Wow, they are expensive and beautiful!
    -K in OK<><

  7. I think Lydia needs a Christmas present:)
    Mary (ft laud)
    Ps: Also love your new picture!

  8. Great Pyrs are wonderful dogs!! After they grow out of the puppy stage, chewing up everything in sight, they are the BEST dogs for a country family! Ours is wonderful with our children, but also has a huge bark, and is great security for our homestead and livestock. We love her.