Friday, December 16, 2011

Memorizing the Declaration of Independence

Some of you may remember how, back in early September, our girls took on a wonderful challenge: memorizing the Declaration of Independence from beginning to end.

Well they did it! I'm pleased to report they worked hard and diligently and memorized the whole durn thing! Don and I are so proud we're busting our buttons.

The deal was they had to have the document memorized by the end of November. They made it, but it hasn't been until this week we've had a chance to videotape them reciting it. They made two full run-throughs and a number of (ahem) bloopers.

Here's the second run-through:

(In case the embedded video doesn't play, here's a direct link.)

I meant to post the first run-through as well, but time got away from us (it takes awhile to download these things).

Their rewards for completing this project are: For Older Daughter, two complete seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For Younger Daughter, a complete ten-gallon aquarium. We'll be purchasing these items this week.

They've earned them. Boy howdy they've earned them!


  1. Well done!! I know you are proud of them Patrice. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)December 16, 2011 at 5:20 PM

    Wow! Oh, wow! Your daughters are just fan-tas-tic!
    I hope they enjoy their very well earned rewards!
    Bravo, girls..we are proud of you too!

  3. Most excellent!
    These two young ladies could teach a thing or two to the pompous power mongers in D.C.about our most precious documents. With the signing of that tyrannical bill yesterday, perhaps your daughters could instruct congress on the Bill Of Rights and what it actually means...Thank you ladies for the recital!

    Had Enuff

  4. Awesome job by both girls. They earned their rewards :-)

  5. Bravo!!!
    I am standing and applauding your success young ladies!!!
    You are awesome!!!

    Patrice and Don, congratulations, mentoring well done!

    Thanks to all of The Lewis Family for sharing this recital with us.


  6. Save the Canning JarsDecember 16, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    Well, you know what they say about them home-schoolers, they just play and don't learn nothin' at all! (Obvious sarcasm!)

    OUTSTANDING JOB! I am so proud of you both!

  7. Congratulations, Older Daughter and Younger Daughter on your accomplishment!

    You are fortunate to have parents such as Don and Patrice. I am 79 years old and have seen how badly our "public" education system has deteriorated over the years.

    Merry Christmas - Happy New Year to the Lewis Family

  8. Something (useful) they will remember for the rest of their lives (unlike some Shakespeare that I can quote)!


  9. Now that is something you don't see everyday. Nice job! It made me wonder if any politicians or their kids could even come close to stating one line from the Constitution. Very impressive!

  10. These young ladies recite the Declaration of Independence from memory, that is outstanding, terrific job girls! I remember struggling with the Gettysburg Address as a youngster! I now recall with shame how democrats WALKED OUT on a reading of the Constitution into the record earlier this year. I think it should be law that every freshman representative recite both documents publicly on the capitol steps and on national TV, that way there can be no claims of ignorance when they violate either. Memorizing both documents would be better,but probably asking too much of some of our 'representatives'.

  11. EXCELLENT! That is quite an accomplishment, I loudly applaud both girls. Congrats all around.

    Anonymous Patriot

  12. Fantastic! Way to go!
    As home schoolers, we have our kids memorize 2 Books of the Bible if they want keys to a clunker! They did Ephesians and 2 Timothy word perfect. One son memorized more books of the Bible. Three kids of age have completed the challenge, one child is too young still. Yep, they're driving clunkers and lovin it! (I got the idea from Faith Training by Joe White).
    Keep up the good work, Lewis family and Merry Christmas!
    --K in OK <><

  13. Nice job, girls! I am absolutely impressed with your perseverance and stamina. :)
    I love how older daughter was twiddling her thumbs as she recited, like it was NO BIG DEAL! WOW!
    Nicely done - ALL of the Lewis clan!