Monday, December 19, 2011

Sixteen candles

Today Older Daughter turned sixteen! Where HAVE the years gone?

We bought a cake for her a few days ago at Costco, pre-made exactly as you see it. The woman who checked us out took a look at the cake and asked, "Is this for an office party or do you really have a birthday?" I smiled and replied, "We really have a birthday. Our oldest is turning sixteen." It just tickles me pink to have a Christmas child.

Since our weekly potluck was held at our house this week, we had a gathering of neighbors to offer our daughter birthday wishes.

Whoosh! All the candles out in one blow!

In town I saw a car with this highly appropriate bumper sticker:

For a birthday present, Older Daughter wanted to go to a movie theater in Coeur d'Alene with some friends and see a movie, so we did.

Her chosen movie was the latest Sherlock Holmes flick, which they all said was excellent.

While the kids were at the movies, I spent a pleasant couple of hours in a coffee shop around the corner doing some writing on my laptop. Then afterward, I took the kids to a Pizza Hut in an attempt to satisfy those teenage appetites.

Movies in theaters and pizza in a restaurant are rare-to-the-point-of-nonexistent novelties in our family, so this was a treat indeed. Altogether I believe Older Daughter had a very happy birthday!


  1. Happiest Birthday wishes to older daughter and prayers for a year filled with blessings!


  2. i bet that her birthday will be a most memorable event years from now...

  3. Oh cool, we share a birthday! -Except mine is one or two or sixteen years ahead of yours. Happy Birthday Older Daughter!

  4. Happy Sweet Sixteen! I'm a Christmas baby too. It is important to separate Christmas from your Birthday - makes it even more special <3

  5. Happy Birthday! O.D.--I'm glad it was a good one and I hope you have a wonderful year...

    Also, thanks for the movie review--=) I like Sherlock Holmes and I've been waiting for the new movie to come out. =)

  6. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one. :-)

  7. A belated Happy Birthday to Older Daughter! Watching a movie and eating pizza with friends in CLA sounds like a great way to celebrate "sweet 16." Maybe I'll do that next year when I celebrate "sour 62."

    Anonymous Patriot

  8. Congratulations Older Daughter! Have a very happy birthday :)


  9. Happy Birthday to older daughter. What a way to celebrate.

  10. As Frosty the Snowman says, Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Wow, a Christmas Child! That is really special. I don't know a Christmas Child. Well, I do NOW! Happy Birthday Older Daughter. Montana Guy