Monday, December 19, 2011

Mrs. Clause

True story.

Our pastor and his wife recently attended a private school Christmas pageant (where, they noted, it was delightful to see symbols, decorations, and songs about Christmas, not "winter").

After the pageant was finished and as they left their seats, a child stared at our pastor's wife and said in awe, "Are you Mrs. Clause?"

This gracious and gentle lady replied, "No, I'm not even a distant relative." But apparently the child was no less awed.

Nice to know we go to church with such exalted personages...


  1. One of the up-sides of that lovely white hair!

  2. A very beautiful not even distant relative of Santa!

  3. I live in a small area of East Texas and during school functions, the principal opens the vents with a prayer.

    Not one of those generic ones. She uses Jesus, Our Heavenly Father and such.

    I can get up off the floor. All of this in a public school. Who would have thunk it.