Monday, December 19, 2011

"How hard can it be?"

Reader Becky ("Not the troll") B. sent me a link to a great cartoon.

Take a look at the whole thing here.

Behind the humor, of course, there's a lot of sad and pathetic truth....

Thanks for sending, Becky!


  1. So funny and you are correct about the wee bit of truth behind it. We had a couple come to the farm and wished to see the animals. In the chicken coop the woman told my husband and I that she doesn't eat this kind of chicken, so we asked her what kind she eats, and she said the ones from the store?!

    Thanks for the chuckle and a reminder as to why I like to blog, as it is a window to readers that may have never considered growing anything, and are given hope-because if my family can do this so can theirs.


  2. The wife and I would love to plant a garden, if we didn't both have bad knees and I have a bad back. Not to mention occasional gout and pain in my hands and wrists from arthritis! Is there anything else we can do to prepare, Patrice? We've been storing up lots of canned goods. Also water and canned dog food for our dogs. Is there a way to store dry dog food for long periods of time? Just wondering. Thanks! --Fred & Deb in AZ

  3. Fred & Deb, as the saying goes, you can only do what you can do. Since you're unable to garden, you're clearly doing what you CAN do, such as storing food and water, etc. No one can do everything, so after doing what you can to intelligently prepare, leave the rest in God's hands.

    Regarding the storing of dry dog food... because even dry food has oils in it, it will go rancid after about a year. (Trust me on this, it's happened to us.) You might consider googling "homemade dog food" and copying off some of the recipes they suggest, then putting aside the ingredients to make your own food. Dogs require 40% meat, 30% vegetables, and 30% starch for a well-balanced diet. You might be able to purchase extra brown rice and dehydrated carrots for the starch and veggies, then can some inferior cuts of meat for them. Hope this helps.

    - Patrice

  4. Fred & Deb in AZ - You wouldn't get enough to can, but you can always plant veggies in pots. I don't know a lot about Arizona, but you might be able to grow plants in pots year round. Also, as far as your aches and pains, you might want to try going gluten free and giving up sweets - both cause inflammation. I speak from experience on this.

  5. Fred & Deb,
    Check out this website
    They even mention bad knees! The site gives the number of web sites out there for gardening with limited mobility and suggests search terms.

    I am also interested in the dog food issue. I stay several months ahead but pay close attention to the expiration dates for the reasons mentioned.


  6. Fred & Deb,

    If you do try making your own dog food, you have to be careful to provide the correct amount of calcium. We used to keep the egg shells from our boiled eggs and dry them completely before grinding them to a powder. They need to be ground to a powder so the sharp edges don't cause issues. You can add the egg shell powder as needed to your prepared dog food.

    Southern Gal