Monday, November 15, 2010

Women against women

Here's my latest posting on called Women Against Women.  It's Part 1 of what will be, I dunno, maybe four or five segments.


  1. Yep, me too. Liberal university, liberal television, liberal magazines. I, too was fully indoctrinated. I look forward to the rest of your series on feminism, Patrice. Jennifer

  2. Nope, not me. I have always wanted to be a "Domestic Goddess", as my husband calls me. Although I get snide little comments from people, even my own sister will tell me about a classmate who is "doing absolutely nothing with her life, she is JUST staying at home and raising her kids". I just smile to myself and wonder whose life will have a greater impact in 100 years.

    Although I agree with you, and, like Jennifer above, look forward to the rest of your series, I think that not all of the the commentators at agree with you:

    By Linda Marie, Neighborhood Watch Captain

    Women Must Take Responsibility to Protect Their Homes, Family and Community from Irresponsible Males

    This article popped up at the bottom of yours, so I read it. Well most of it, I skipped to the bottom to make sure that it wasn't one of those tricky articles that say one thing all the way through and at the end tell you how crazy you are for agreeing with the author. It wasn't. I then read the titles to the other articles that she has written. That is one man hating woman right there.

  3. Ooh! They're going to be crawling out of the woodwork any moment now, attempting to defend their belief system, or more likely, attacking yours.

    And failing that, they'll resort to name-calling. You know, the usual modus operandi.

    My sister is a rabid feminist and I have never seen such an unhappy person.

    Can't wait to see the rest of the installments.


  4. I loved your article, and I agree. Try having a feminist for a mother and have her questioning the validity of your wish to be a full-time, stay-at-home wife and mother. Good times. I firmly believe those of us who choose to keep the home and hearth are the last gate keepers of our society and its' values, which are rapidly dissapearing. Does each generation feel this way, or have we reached a precipice?

  5. I will withhold comments on the ultimate evil of modern feminism until you have finished all the parts.

    But you are off to a good start!!!

  6. Feminists aren't about "empowering" women at all. They are leftists who, as you point out, are about organizing yet another class of powerless victims.

    I'm a guy. And I love women. I love the soft, feminine, sensitive ones, and I love the kick-ass Lady Warrior types, because most of them still know how to be "A Woman" who'll "never let you forget you're a man" as in the old Helen Reddy (?) song. Does anybody think Todd Palin is an emasculated wimp? Nope. They appear to value, admire, and love each other's strengths.

    BTW, Annie Oakley was all woman, too. She went to a shooting match as a mere teenager -- 100 years ago these were popular public entertainment -- and beat the star attraction, one of the best shots in the country.

    Long story short, two things happened. He fell for her, and saw that she was a better shot than he'd ever be, so he gave up his spot in the limelight, and just managed her career. They were inseparable their entire lives, and died within weeks of each other. Was he a wimp? Was she a you-know-what? Nope.

    Oh. And, during WWI she proposed to the government -- and being a super star she had the clout to get heard -- that the Army form a unit of female sharpshooters. They didn't, but now, 100 years later, we have kick-ass Lady Warriors.

    They make me proud. Be all you want to be, Ladies. A real man will love you for having the guts to be who God made you to be, fighter pilot, surgeon, or stay-at-home mom.

    Bill Smith

  7. In the past election, NOW supported Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman for governor in California. After clamoring for years to get a female Supreme Court justice, NOW villified Sandra Day O'Connor when it was made public that she would be the appointee. NOW and other feminist groups are not about liberating women (whatever that means) so much as they are about leftwing politics. "Feminism" is an attempt to destroy the family unit, plain and simple.

    Patrice and Don work together to raise their daughters, they work together to manage their farm, they work together to earn money. If that isn't equality, I don't know what is. Equality is not a government mandate, it's cooperation and ability.

    NoCal Gal

  8. Addendum:

    Ladies, I meant all that stuff I said above, but should have been clearer about kids.

    Kids need a full-time Mommy and Daddy. There are no more important jobs, and they aren't interchangeable, IMO.

    Bill Smith

  9. OK Bill Smith, you've done it now...

    You're gettin' a hug, dude.

    A Lady Warrior Type can tell you, not every man is up to finding a LWT to be loveable, and many do appear to feel a little threatened in some ways by us. Some because they're just typical of that semi-neutered eternally adolescent post-modern male that seems to be ever more visible among today's urban men; and others simply because their egos can't cope with a woman who's tougher than them, mentally and perhaps also physically.
    It makes me wonder if they might not be a growing byproduct of the generations of feministas that we've lived with for so long they've become a societal fixture. Is it producing a testosterone reduced, even perhaps feminized culture of sons?

    Sadly, the feminista movement also seems to be a model parroted and used by an increased number of other victim classes that use their negative attack based M.O. to vilify and and manipulate their intended target class or group. But that's another thread.

    I need to get off and go fix supper....
    which, praise God I'll neither have to kill or dress out in order to do so! Then I'll give thanks that I know I could if I had to.

    Looking forward to the series, Patrice, and to the lively, colorful 'discussion' it will generate.