Saturday, November 6, 2010

A plea for help

Our great big chest freezer is on our front porch because it won't fit anywhere in the house (unless we put it in the living room or something).  Naturally it gets dirty.

I went to remove something from it the other day and saw this:


  1. LOL! Our chest freezer is in the garage, so it doesn't get quite that bad. However, the ceiling fan on our patio stares balefully at me every morning.

  2. Patrice,

    My freezer was complaining also, so I bought him a good thick plastic table cloth with backing and sewed strong magnets in the edges.
    Now my freezer is happy and only asks me to wash the cover and clean the dirt out of his cooling coils once a year.

  3. *snort, giggle, LOL*

    I went 'off roading' in the southern Utah desert once, coating my vehicle in a thick layer of fine red dust. On the way home I stopped for lunch. When I came out someone had written in the dust; "Official dirt test. Do not wash!"

  4. i have always understood that during a power outage you should cover your deep freezer with a heavy blanket of some sort which will help insulate what is being kept frozen and delay a major meltdown...seems to me the same advice would be helpful to those who keep the deep freezer on the porch or in the garage/carport/barn...extra insulation as well as a keep it clean plan.

  5. Plant some herbs and enjoy!!

    Anonymous Patriot