Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Why did my son have to die?"

 A friend sent this.  I thought it was powerful.

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die in Iraq?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die in Saudi Arabia?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die in Kuwait?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die in Vietnam?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die in Korea?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die in Iwo Jima?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die on a battlefield in France?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die at Gettysburg?"

A mother asked this President: "Why did my son have to die on a frozen field near Valley Forge?"

Then long long ago, a mother asked...

"Heavenly Father, why did my Son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem?"

The answer is always the same: "So that others may live and dwell in peace, happiness, and freedom."

If you are not willing to stand BEHIND our troops... please, please feel free to stand IN FRONT of them.


  1. Powerful post...thank-you for sharing this.

  2. WOW!
    THANK YOU for posting this!! I love your blog...

    Common Cents

  3. That was wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. As a former soldier 89 -03 disabled. These kids sacrifice cause it is asked of them. They go to far away lands and do what needs to be done. Some join for the college money and some join for the bonus money and some join for the love of country. But they all serve and go where the commander chief directs them. They die and are wounded and hurt. Yet they stay and go back again and again. I'm proud I got to spend time with them and got the privilege of knowing them.

  5. As I understand it, Jesus was tortured to death and nailed to a cross to die so that he could be sacrificed to all three bits of the Invisible Magic Friend, including himself, because that was the only way the all powerful Invisible Magic Friend could have a sacrifice suitably acceptable to himself for the sins committed by all of us that he foresaw before he created us.

    I stand to be corrected as to terminology but I think I've got the theology right (Takes cover).

  6. Quedula,

    I understand what you are saying. Many people see it that way (though, I'm sure they wouldn't put it that way.) I'm not one of those christians who sees it that way. I think it was not at the blood-thirsty hands of an "Invisible Magic Friend" that Jesus gave up his life. I believe that God knew that people would always want a "way" to be able to approach God or to escape from the anger that they thought of him having. That's why God got together with his son with a plan to show people what God was really like, through Jesus who loved and cared for people that the religeous leaders thought that God would only love to punish, then he let himself be killed so that those who believed that God needed innocent blood so he could stop hating us, would have displayed for them the most innocent blood possible, willingly poured out, in the hope that all would see that Jesus and his Dad wanted to be close to us so much that they would do anything and give us anything that we might require to do that.

    I know that many people think as you have stated, and that's too bad, because Jesus sure did a lot to overcome that. He wasn't a religious fanatic, he was a man on a mission with a hope and a heart full of love and compassion. He wants us to be free of shame. That is the real curse of sin. We all feel shame, weather we believe in God or not. Our shame separates us from the truth of our acceptable-ness before God and his unfailing love for us. It is death, to be separated from his love.

    Maybe I've gone too long, now, but it is the most dear thing to me in all my life. This understanding permeats every part of my life and in it is all the peace, the ability to love others and from it I have been able to find healing that I never would have thought possible.

    Gracie Wray

  7. Gracie, although I agree with the basic points in your post, I don't agree with one part - the part about shame. Not all people feel shame. There are some people who have no shame, and most of them are in Washington, DC and/or prisons. Other than that, right on!

    Anonymous Patriot

  8. Hi Patrice,
    While I greatly admire and support our troops, I think there is a strong case to be made that our government expends their lives freely. With our borders wide open, close ties with the Saudis, etc, etc, it seems the current war is not at all about maintaining our freedom. I don't know what that is exactly but clearly, it is not to protect Americans. Instead of closing off the visas and green cards to the citizens if hostile countries, Pres. Bush increased them as has Pres. Obama. I have a brother and three cousins who have done stints in the Iraq theate and I say "bring them home". Their lives are too precious to waste trying to do something only the Gospel can really do and that is change the hearts of the Muslims. Until then, their government, even if it is 'by the people' will encourage death and destruction because that is what the Islamic worldview produces. Right now countless Christians are being harrassed and slaughtered in Iraq as our military aids the government there.

    Sadly, our brave men and women are simply pawns in a game I don't yet understand. As are we.

    God bless you and thank you for your excellent blog.


  9. I saw quedula made a comment, but I didn't read it, nor will I read anything the poor soul has to say anymore, seeing that he/she has shown his/her true colors and is only out to annoy decent, God-fearing people. As for "Why did my son have to die?", Jesus became a human and dwelt among us to give us a final chance to save our souls, not so we may live and dwell in peace, happiness and freedom. Our salvation is far more important than anything else. Besides, once saved and born again, we WILL find peace, happiness and freedom, even in the worst of times. We will strive to help others, not ridicule them. We will strive to be loving and considerate of others, not judgemental and derisive. At least, those of us who are wise enough and loving enough to swallow our pride and let Jesus into our hearts will do this. The rest will spend their lives mocking us, and that's truly sad.

  10. This is complete garbage.

    To equate a soldier's death to that of our Lord is close to blasphemy.

    Not to mention that you completely miss the Gospel. Jesus didn't die so that others could live in "peace, freedom, and happiness". He died to be a propitiation for our sins.

    Good grief.

  11. Also, can we please get real about the War of Northern Aggression, and just about every war from Korea onward, including our current war?

    Union soldiers didn't die in the War of Northern Aggression, nor do Americans die now for "Peace, Freedom, and happiness." They die in defense of tyranny in the case of the War of Northern Aggression, and in the service of Globalist/American Empire agenda in the other wars I mention.

  12. To "Crazy Christian": You are correct when you say Jesus died to be a propitiation for our sins, but to equate a soldier's death to that of our Savior is NOT close to blasphemy. Jesus Himself said: "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13) No doubt the many wars we Americans have been involved in have been created by powerful, wealthy men with evil and immoral intentions, but our young people who have died in those wars did so believing they were doing right by their loved ones, their friends and their country. If you, sir or madame, are truly a Christian, you can make your point without sarcasm and name-calling. Or are you just looking for an argument? If you are a Christian, try showing a little more consideration and tolerance for your fellow man and less derision. By doing so, people just might take you more seriously.

  13. One wonders if Quedula's flagrant disrespect for Christians and our values is as flagrantly voiced and equally heaped upon her muslim friends.

    I think not.

    And no, she doesn't have any of it right. Jesus was very much alive when He allowed Himself to be nailed to that cross, thus fulfilling prophecy and paying the price for the sins for a fallen world and people like Quedula.


  14. "but to equate a soldier's death to that of our Savior is NOT close to blasphemy."

    Yes it is. A soldiers death is close to worthless compared to death of a Savior. The Gospel is drawn down to basic nationalism or patriotism when we begin to equate human efforts such as these to the death of our Lord.

    You might as well say that Jesus was kind of like that teacher you always liked. Give me a break.

    "our young people who have died in those wars did so believing they were doing right by their loved ones, their friends and their country."

    So what? Intentions don't make a wrong right. They are still accountable for what they do.

    I hate to even make this comparison, but it is apposite: German youth believed "they were doing right by their loved ones, their friends and their country" too. To which we are all appalled at how they could side with such evil.

    "you can make your point without sarcasm and name-calling."

    Which is exactly what I did. You would be hard pressed to find any sarcasm or name-calling in my posts. I think what you mean to say (and correct me if I'm wrong) is that I am being "mean" and "harsh". To which I say, again, so what? Jesus wasn't particularly kind to the pharisees either, nor was Elijah to the prophets of Baal (in fact both were quite sarcastic as well).

    There used to be a time when men could speak like men (I'm a man, BTW) and be frank with one another. The points of this post are, indeed, garbage. The statement is, indeed, close to blasphemy. Words mean things, and just because our (too) polite American Christian Culture doesn't like the connotation of particular words doesn't suddenly rob them of their meaning.

    "If you are a Christian, try showing a little more consideration and tolerance for your fellow man and less derision."

    Well, I still read the blog and still recommend it to people. Despite my disagreement with some of what is said here, I exercise discretion when posting as I did here. I do this mostly because it's not really important and why fight needlessly.

    This. . . this caused me to feel like I had to speak up.

    "By doing so, people just might take you more seriously."

    Forget me. It's not about me. Take the truth seriously. . . and be serious about the truth.

  15. So, now we have Christian arguing with Christian? That must make the atheist feel good. Divide and conquer, remember that
    tactic? Don't be a party to it.

    And I have wondered the same thing as A.McSp - does our "resident" atheist also ridicule muslims? Does she go to a muslim blog and tell them similarly hateful things about their prophet and messiah? Or does she only pick on American Christians because there is no danger, there is no repercussion, there is need to fear us? Of course these are rhetorical questions because the answer is a resounding - YES! Yes, she attacks our Lord and our faith because she can and we will do nothing about it - nor should we. The best way to deal with people like her is to read the hateful things she says so we will be aware of them, and then IGNORE HER.

    Anonymous Patriot

  16. No, Phony... er, I mean Crazy Christian, to equate a soldier's death to that of our Savior is NOT close to blasphemy. Jesus made comparisons between Himself, our Heavenly Father and mankind many times. Was that blasphemy? A soldier isn't dying for propitiation of our sins, but the comparison is the one I quoted from John 15:13 of the Bible. You're correct, intentions don't make a wrong right, and neither does your insisting you're right and everyone else is wrong. Are you REALLY a Christian? Have you been born again? Do you have love and consideration for others in your heart? It doesn't sound like it to me. You sound like just another liberal, spouting your hate and ridicule. Patrice is no doubt aware that her opinions and common sense make her a target by every liberal far-left loon in the country. You're just another hypocritical pest I choose to ignore. I hope Patrice's good readers do the same.

  17. Referring back to some earlier discussions, "That Crazy Christian" is what I would call a troll.

  18. I have witnessed friends die and I'm saddened by some of the comments below this post. For any soldier to die is tragic and should not be taken flippantly just to prove a point.

  19. This is an appalling post. To equate World War Two with World War One or the Kuwait war is absurd. To equate the Khobar Towers bombing (I assume that’s what the reference is to U.S. servicepeople dying in Saudi Arabia) with the fight against human slavery in the U.S. is preposterous. All wars—least of all U.S. wars—are not created equal. There is a difference between nobility of purpose and protection of a desert kingdom that sells us petroleum at low prices. There is a difference between defending against attack and attacking without provocation. To draw some kind of equivalence is disrespectful.